Delving into the Meaning of 2020

Each cycle has its own energy. What is the energy and meaning of 2020?

Number is the law of the universe.

Mary Burmeister

In this article, we will look at the number 4 as it relates to numerology, tarot, and Jin Shin Jyutsu. 2020’s root energy is 4. 2+0+2+0=4.

There is no need for attention to be so split anymore. It’s becoming organically whole in its capacity to participate. Whole attention, whole receptivity, whole awareness, whole consciousness, whole creation and creativity, whole presence. Whole in terms of access to, not just what is opening up around you, but from within you. Whole…whole…wholeness in ways that the little word of whole can not even contain.

Choice for Love

Meaning of 2020

2020 – Numerology

The numerology for 2020 is 4. 4 is structures and stability. Think of a square. All sides are equal and equally strong. Interestingly what we will see is the dissolving of old structures and finding stability in new ones. This year is about planning and building the new to come.

Rather than having an externally old-story reference for stability, there will be more and more of a sense of all is well, and not even knowing for sure why you sense you are secured…or why you sense you are part of…but you will. You will sense that you are cared for, and synchronizing into a larger, living experience of collaboration…not just with others but with life, and life with you…and learning how to be participants, creators, citizens of the fifth dimension, if you wish to use that name. A new creation.

Choice for Love

2020 – Tarot

The tarot includes 21 Major Arcana cards that illustrate archetypal themes. For anyone interested, check out the book Tarot and the Journey of the Hero. [affiliate link – thanks!]


The fourth Major Arcana card is the Emperor who is a fatherly energy (regardless of gender). The protector as well as the provider.

A sometimes misunderstood energy, the Emperor’s lessons are many. The Emperor can help us get organized, make a plan, connect to our spirituality, harness our creativity, and help us step into our personal power. 

Sarah Faith Gottesdiener

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The Emperor is ruled by the planet Mars which also rules the zodiac sign Aries, making this Major Arcana card a fire element. Aries is the first sign, a self-starter, and being a cardinal sign, it is an initiating and catalytic energy.

Tap into this energy for creating your own vision and ways to implement it.

2020 – Jin Shin Jyutsu

In Jin Shin Jyutsu we work with 26 energy spheres called Safety Energy Locks. 26 on each side of the body. Each of these Safety Energy Locks has their own personality, energy, and meaning.

Safety Energy Lock 4

The 4s are the window through which light and air come through, bridging and weaving the invisible and visible. The principle of creation. We exhale from the 4s, at the occipital bone, to the bottom of our big toes, clearing head to toe. This Safety Energy Lock represents the four elements, the materialization of the life force.

Safety Energy Lock 4 helps complete the containment of formless into form, and ultimately the creation of the skin surface, the outer covering of the body. SEL 4 sustains the entrance of consciousness into ties. SEL 4 cooperates with Mars (vitality) and Saturn (containment) and Mercury (communication) to bring life to the body. Because 4 is – we are spiritual beings living as physical beings.

Wayne Hackett ¹

To open up and harmonize your 4s, place your hands on at the bottom of the skull. This can help you to enjoy restful sleep. Mary Burmeister, who brought Jin Shin Jyutsu to the West from Japan, called the 4s the General Manager of the catering and janitorial service and harmonizing the 4s helps revitalize all our 144,000 functions. It brings mental clarity, enhanced brain functions, and projects of the throat, eyes, and leg tensions.

2020 is the start of a new decade as well as a new year. Know the meaning and energy of 2020 and leverage it! Time to plan and start a new cycle seeded with highest vision. Tap into these energies of 2020 and enjoy the surfing.

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