Mars Stationing Direct, Back in Business

Mars is stationing direct in Aries November 13/14, ending its retrograde. Its normally dynamic fiery energy will still be a bit slow initially. As Mars moves through the rest of Aries, energy will pick up. Any start-stop, slumps, or stagnation people may have felt over the retrograde period will dissipate and that famous initiating energy of Mars will be energizing your opportunities and re-ignite passion projects. Mars will be in his home sign of Aries until January 6 2021, when he enters Taurus.

The energy of this planet can be challenging to wield. Its assertiveness and even aggression can lead many into unworthy battles. Mars, however, is also about boldness, initiative, and courage. This is the strength to stand up for your truth, forget ahead, and to endure the honorable fight. The mastery is knowing what is right for you and what is not.

To move away, to go toward, to reproduce – such are the three great life-operations which Mars symbolizes. Each one is a poem of living which often turns into drama or tragedy. And Mars is the eternal Actor who never tires of going forth – away from the known, toward and into the unknown; the Warrior who ever leads the battle of existence and tends to equalize the inner and outer pressures of life.

Dane Rudhyar, New Mansions for New Men

There is a spontaneity and youthfulness with this planet. Mars is the first of the zodiac, the first in the process of individuation, and so an initiating energy. With Mars stationing direct, its energy will be more accessible, especially being in its home zodiac sign. A retrograde is an inner journey, and if we have taken the time, as Gray Crawford writes, to “see ourselves clearly through the mirror as we recalibrate our lens of creation and discipline our power to choose”, in “moving forward, we’ll meet ourselves and each other for the first time, in new skin.”

Mars is an energy which, in its primal state, is without a sense of direction – but when linked with a strong sense of purpose, it can accomplish all things.

Ariel Guttman & Kenneth Johnson, Mythic Astrology

So whether you have Mars in Aries in your natal chart or not, let us all tap into and harness this energy with conscious intention and a sense of grand direction, renewed.

cover photo : Trevor Buntin