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What Therapy sits down with Julie Ann about her upcoming workshop Creating Your Best Life. This is all about manifesting.

Creating Your Best Life is one of those courses which always seem to come along at the perfect time.

Every time Julie Ann offers it, the flow is different but one thing doesn’t change – people are always inspired and they manifest like crazy!

Julie Ann LOVES teaching this workshop because everyone shifts, including herself. It is also very fun.

This workshop is wonderful as it empowers you with the life skills that you can carry through with you at any age, so that you take ownership and create the life you want to lead. Made me feel powerful and confident.
What an incredible gift to have.


You have led this workshop several times now…How is this workshop different from the past ones?


In 2013 the parameters have changed and the energy is different. As much as people might feel nothing happened end of 2012, it actually did.

A lot of people might feel different but they are not sure what it is. Or they might feel that what they were doing before isn’t quite working anymore. There are some very subtle changes.

In this workshop, we are really going to address the change. We will look at why some things aren’t working anymore and how we can make them work much better.


What is the biggest change that people have to address moving from the paradigm of pre- to post-2012 and living and manifesting the life they want?


It’s to do with not being too attached, to how things work out, and to trust that the best outcome is going to come. It’s not necessarily what you may have imagined or thought would happen. But a better outcome. Why settle for something you think you want if something much much better for you is coming?

A level of greater possibility has opened up post-2012.

Another thing people might be noticing is that their thoughts are manifesting much more quickly. Things are really speeding up in some ways.


Many people think the Law of Attraction, and manifesting in general, just doesn’t work. Why is it that some people manifest their lives so easily and others keep hitting a wall? Is there one important element they may be missing?


Yeah, absolutely. It may sound rude but if it’s not working, it is an operator error. [Julie laughs as she’s been there and can relate]

[Editor’s note: It may come across as a bit harsh but it’s really true. We may not realize what emotions or thoughts we have connected with a vision. Sometimes people are still focused on the lack, on their vision not showing up…yet, rather than feeling the joy, the passion, the freedom, etc of the vision already here.]

The one thing that is possibly missing is the emotion someone is putting out. A lot of people have read books and books about the Law of Attraction and know they are supposed to have a vision. They think the vision will just manifest. But what someone actually manifests is what their energy is about, in other words, what emotion they are radiating – because emotion is how we attract.

It is your vision but also how you feel. Together, they are very powerful.

And sometimes we think we haven’t actually accomplished or manifested the thing we want but we already have. We may not have looked at our emotion and energy. We may not have realized that what we asked for has already come because we are looking for the “picture-perfect” version.


What would be your easiest or biggest tip for people to keep on track with the desired emotional and vibration level? Everyone wants to be joy and light but not everyone can zone in and keep it for very long.


The thing is – anything you want to achieve, you have to practice.

A daily practice of anything is important, whether it is meditation, which can lead you to non-resistant thought and being in a place of peace and receptivity… or visualization, which can shift your emotion to a more positive place.

You have to practice it and bring it into your reality.

You also have to look at what it is that you are wanting. For anything you want to create in your life, you have to look at the reason why you want to have it. For example, why do you want that job? Maybe it’s not because it will make you happy. Maybe it’s to impress your parents or you feel it’s expected of you in some way. Sometimes we self-sabotage our own outcomes because at a deeper level what we are trying to create is not right for us, not what our soul wants for us.


For those people interested in your workshop but afraid of changing their lives…or afraid of not fitting in with the people around them anymore…what would your advice be?


When you step into something with energy, it is a very different way of creating change.

It’s not making a drastic change. It’s not about telling people to quit their job or quit their marriage…No one is saying that.


What the workshop is about is showing people a way to align with the energy of what they want.


It’s about people starting to think about what it is that they want and how to begin to create energetically the life they want.

Creating energetic shifts is different than leaping into outcomes.

It is very important to look at where you are not happy and what kinds of things would make you happy and start to set the energy for these things. Let the energy lead you, often quite gently, into the outcomes that you do want.


How can people reconnect with their clarity?


When we say clarity, it doesn’t have to be clarity of vision. You don’t have to know exactly what you want. For me, it’s about how exactly I want to feel and how I want my life to feel. Freedom. Joy. Passion. Love. Knowing what emotions I want to feel is different from knowing exactly how that would show up in my life.


What are some ways to ease back into their emotional wholeness, be safe and comfortable in feeling again?


It’s important to have a daily practice. It’s about being in a space. It’s about being able to let go of what you don’t want. For anyone, I would say meditation is really important. It’s not about the guru you go to or the particular methodology. What’s important is the practice of doing something daily, where you start to shift into a different space.


And it doesn’t have to be a very long meditation, right?


No, it doesn’t have to be. It’s about you trusting that you can move back into that space when you need to. The thing about meditation that’s often misunderstood is this – it is not about “meditating better”. It’s about watching your life get better as you make the commitment to spend some time with YOU every day.

When you have experienced something that doesn’t feel in your control, having a daily practice gives you a sense of something you can do. It’s a repatterning of the old emotions.

Creating Your Best Life is a workshop for anyone who is ready to take charge of their life and make positive change. This is not a workshop for just sharing your vision – Julie Ann provides techniques that everyone can incorporate into their daily life. After all, it’s in the moment of crisis, difficult times, and uncertainty that we can make powerful choices. Or at least have tools at the ready to pull out to keep on track with inviting our vision to show up. Being in the company of people also looking for the next level is a wonderful way to be brave and stay true to what you desire.


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I took this course/workshop with Julie Ann and it was amazing. I finally felt that “I got it right”, which proved to be the case, considering all that I manifested subsequently. I keep wondering how it would be if I really committed to a daily practice, as I still struggle with just a few times a week 🙂 Overall LOVED the workshop, its energy and everything about it! I highly recommend it 🙂 And not only for the “method’, but for the profound openness and understanding that it offers. Since then I sometimes find myself thinking: “I know how the universe works”. “Scary” ! But beautiful 🙂

Thank you so much for the wonderful testimonial Andreea. I do agree – you really are a master manifestor 🙂 Lots of love x

Lots of love to you, too Julie Ann 🙂

I heard about the manifestation workshop Julie was conducting through a meditation communication grapevine, and knew I had to attend. As with all personal development workshops I attend, I answered a calling to be present. I knew I would obtain the knowledge that I was seeking, whether consciously or unconsciously.

In fact I was happy to take back even one piece of information that could add to my growth. That was the philosophy I took with me as I made my way to Balanced Living, chosen venue for the 2-day workshop.

I’d met Julie previously on two occasions, so I knew I was in for a treat, in terms of her style and demeanour. She exudes warmth and has a gentle approach, as a person, and teacher. These traits, Julie carried through for the duration of the workshop, making sure the energies were well balanced in the space we were holding for our personal and combined intent. I felt this to be powerful and all encompassing.

Having some prior knowledge of manifestation technique, I was keen to sharpen my skills and perhaps take home a formulaic approach to manifesting. “Why not?” I thought. “It needn’t be complicated!”

The first day was more academic, – looking at the concept of manifestation from different angles, as presented by various authorities on the subject. Julie explained theories and concepts related to the art, bringing in some of her own experiences as well as those of others, often mirroring issues that some or all in the group could relate to. It also facilitated breaking the ice with participants, – as questions arose and experiences were shared. All this contributed to setting the tone for day 2. This was when we sent our manifestations out to the universe using our new found tools.

The workshop was conducted in an informal setting. We sat on cushions and mats or chairs, sipping teas, freshly prepared juices or fruit infused water. The space was conducive to learning, and Julie made sure our questions were answered.

I left feeling lifted, light and thrilled, by the nuggets of knowledge I had gleaned, all instrumental to my ongoing journey in life. Thank you Julie for making it so much fun to continue creating the reality I desire, and believe I will experience!

Thanks so much for your feedback Sheela, and for giving everyone an experience of the workshop with your words and energy. It was wonderful to have you there and as you said, we all learned a lot from each other. Lots of love Julie Ann

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