Lost and Found : The Story of Love, Loss, and Hope of Fertility Struggles

Fertility Coach Tanja Faessler-Moro recently introduced me to Felicia Tan and her current book, Lost and Found. This is about her fertility journey, the death of her twins, and how she finds new hope.

I have been thinking a lot lately about writing an article on death, loss, grief, and healing. It is an important and still a taboo topic. We still mostly tip toe around loss and death.

Lost and Found Felicia Tan infertility and loss

I read Felicia’s book with little background, just that it was her second book and her second miscarriage. Knowing that the ending would be of loss and sadness, it was difficult to even start reading. It felt like an intrusion into the most private and tragic moments of a couple’s life. To feel their dreams of parenthood shatter even before page one was not easy.

I also felt compelled to read it. Such stories are often better shared, linking strangers together in a circle of support and embrace and giving them strength and hope.

Lost and Found is especially poignant. It is Felicia’s second late-term miscarriage. She had lost her son Dominic late 2011. In less than a year, Felicia lost her twins, Elvis and Louis.

How does someone pull through such loss?

That was my question as I read the book.

Felicia started with a series of journal entries starting from January 30 2012 when she wrote about a new beginning, and the decision to start the next IVF round in two or three months’ time. Felicia’s blog entries are different and it was interesting to read the book and the blog entries in parallel, which I did here and there.

Lost and Found covers the major events of her pregnancy. This includes how she dealt with the implantation, a fresh IVF cycle, scans, bed rest, and hospital visits. Even knowing the ending, I was pulling for her through it all.

Felicia found her strength in God and support in her family, friends, and the Church.

People often seek a spiritual connection in times of challenge and ordeal. We always want to know why. Maybe we look for something bigger, something beyond us, to explain the inexplicable. Many people start looking at our life, examining what we have done so far, and the meaning of it all.

Having children may seem the most natural thing in the world but for those who have no fertility challenges, conception is often taken for granted. For individuals and couples who desperately want children but cannot or have not, it is the most painful, excruciatingly frustrating roller coaster experience. Like many women, Felicia also asked “when will it be my turn?” Like many others, she also demanded to know what she had done wrong, to deserve such a loss.

I personally believe there is really no answer to either question, except that there is a plan, a reason. I don’t believe we are sinners and therefore we are being punished. While I don’t believe loss and adversity is the only avenue of growth, they can provide a tremendous opportunity to do so.

It takes great courage to share such a story. Felicia wrote the first book because “despite the tragedy, I want people to know that he, my son, did something good. More people came to know him and because of him, more people will be aware of such pregnancy-related problems. Because of him, they learn to appreciate their mums or children more”.

For her second book, Lost and Found, Felicia invited collaborators to share their stories. She also provides resources for her readers, including tips on how to cope with grief, how to provide support for the bereaved, benefits of physical fitness for expectant mums, and useful pregnancy-related terminology.

Who is this Book for?

Lost and Found is for anyone who has gone through a loss, especially late-term pregnancies. Dominic was 23 weeks 2 days. Elvis and Louis were 21 weeks 2 days.

Relating to another person’s journey may provide needed support. Tapping into the resources offered in the book can help the healing journey. It may be quite a scary story for those just trying to conceive. Instead, see it as an educational resource about the IVF process and other conditions such as Cervical Incompetence, which is what Felicia has.

Yes, Lost and Found is about profound loss. But more than that, it is about hope and strength.

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