Lions Gate 8/8

Each August, the focus is the Lion’s Gate and the cosmic alignment between our planet and Sirius, a source of spiritual light. The peak energy of this portal is on August 8. What is this gateway and what is the timeline?

On July 26 2020, we started a new planetary year and we entered a new timeline, the next part of the spiral of time. The day before, Day out of Time, was a powerful opportunity to release the past, and the old spiral and dimension of the timeline, so we enter the next cycle fresh, rejuvenated, and renewed.

The dissolution of the past and of the illusion continues, deeper as we elevate ourselves. As more people awaken, we hold the space as collective anger and distorted energies may manifest. We stay centred in our truth and honour other people’s experiences as truth is revealed. Honouring others does not mean we need to buy into or take in their stories. We do not need to embody their truth as our own or to abdicate our sovereignty and inner authority.

Where we place our attention and focus is perhaps even more powerful at this time, in these intense and seemingly chaotic times. We are made for this. It is time to move beyond all stories, and the “mind stuff”, along with all timelines and limiting programming.

We are not alone on this journey. Each of us is our own hero, and we have allies, friends, and helpers. Seen and unseen. Reminding us that reality is not what it seems, or have been taught and shown to us.

As we open unconditionally through the heart, we allow ourselves to receive these activations of Divine Love, and our bodies become lightning rods and receivers, gateways of embodied unification of heaven and earth.  There is so much Love, everywhere….and the power to manifest from that frequency of Love is off the charts!

Christine Clemmer

The Lions Gate Portal opens July 26, with the energy peaking on August 8, and closes August 12. During this window, powerful star energy and light codes are readily available for us. This heightened influx of spiritual light activates our energy field, while enlightening our DNA that is dimensional in nature. Bringing light into the physical, and unifying levels of being.

Archangel Michael (in a message through Celia Fenn) reminds us that these past years we have already received the Golden Light of the Christ Consciousness, Diamond Codes reconnecting us to our galactic energies, and Emerald codes reconnecting us to the Green Heart of our planet, so that the separation between Spirit and Body is dissolved.

Back in 2016, the 7th Dimension of the Ascended Masters opened to us. More and more of us are ready for this, to hold the frequency of peace within ourselves and to live in alignment with our soul. This means also mastering the Fifth Dimension of Oneness and the Sixth Dimension of Love, Creativity, and Magic. These intense past months has been a tremendous opportunity for us to anchor more fully in these higher dimensions, learning where we want to pull focus.

What’s in store this Lions Gate?

From Christine Clemmer

Saturday 8/8 is the full activation of the Lion’s Gate, with a Mercury Salacia manifestation and Vesta Sedna resource.  The potential for sustainable energy through awakened Love is truly amazing today.  The number “8” so beautifully illustrates the potential for sustainability when we allow 2 forces of energy, yin and yang, to unify as 1 through the mirror, experiencing balance and equality, through the active still point of an open heart.  Two circles that flow into each other through the opening at the center, the heart.  As above, so below… within, so without. 

When there is unconditional openness, the sustainable current of Love can move freely, uninhibited, universally animating and communicating the infinite potential of the universe.  When we embody the figure 8 pattern, we embody our cosmic self,  our universal oneness, and the continuous ebb and flow of dynamic exchange by equally giving and receiving.  In this embodied practice, especially in the Lion’s Gate portal, we access and awaken our highest records, spiritual DNA, and the sustainable frequency of Love.  In a world that’s based on flux and uncertainty, continuous change and reinvention, the constant is always Love.  The way to keep Love sustainable is to allow it to move, to flow freely through the yin/yang pattern of wholeness, where it always returns.  We are the embodiment of universal Love, returning again, fully awakened.

We are seeing a sudden rise of soul’s awakening at this time. A leap in the collective consciousness. Our reality is changing right before our eyes. We are moving through a deep transition of the evolution of consciousness.

Alyonna Angelica

Travelling Through the Lions Gate

  • tap into your Lion’s heart and be brave and open; the gateway bridge is through the Heart
  • be present to your energy flow and needs. Rest when you feel like it, play, hydrate, indulge in the nectar of life
  • follow your inner compass
  • decide what narrative you want to partake in and where you place your attention
  • explore your creativity
  • meditate with Lemurian crystals
  • bathe in high frequencies and receive the codes of our divinity
  • open up to possibility
  • relax into your heart wisdom
  • honour your life force and that of other people
  • be intentional with your words and the story you tell yourself and others
  • know that wholing of ancestral / lineage cracks and karmic contracts are done
  • remember we chose to be here and we are made for these times

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cover photo by Serrah Galos