Linking Awareness : More than Animal Communications

Linking Awareness is an animal communications workshop. The one-liner review is that it was amazing so just do it.

What is Linking Awareness and Animal Communications?

Created by Advanced BodyTalk Practitioner and Instructor Loesje Jacob, Linking Awareness uses various techniques to connect our awareness with another being and to communicate from that sacred heartspace.

On the simplest and the most obvious level, it is about animal communications and for working with animals. This workshop teaches tools and techniques to link in with animals. This means we connect with and listen to all sentient beings. To me, that’s everyone, everything, including myself.

Each workshop is different. The venue changes and so the type of animals we work to learn animal communications with is different. In this particular one, we were at Horse City in Singapore and we worked with retired racing horses. (Thank you to the horses, Jack, and Gallop Stables.) It could also be at an animal sanctuary where you work with gorillas.

When you set your intention and link in, you will see and notice the environment dancing with you. Intent takes it to a whole other level.



Seen as an animals communication workshop, the appeal may be for a more narrow audience and a more targeted application.

This is, however, not “just” an animal communications workshop. You may want to attend because you love animals, you work with animals, or you just want to understand why your dog is tearing up the sofa. Sure, some dogs just love to destroy stuff – it is just plain fun and exciting. Or it could be a dog thing – kill the squeak. It may be because they are simply bored. Or something else?

Hi 5 Hi Frequency at Linking Awareness Singapore

Animals do all sorts of things to get our attention. For what? To let us know about something completely and utterly unrelated to what they are doing. Something important.

Our animals, for example, may feign illness (and trick the vet!) to stop us from going on a trip where we would be injured…or killed. WHAT?

Operating from our ordinary senses, especially with our dominant left-brain logical hard-evidence-based mind, this makes absolutely NO sense. That’s because we have been trained to suppress, ignore, and subjugate our creative, non-linear, and more subtle senses and aspects of being.

Some information is more easily affirmed, such as your dog hates other dogs and prams or that horse was electric-pronged to race faster. Sometimes the animals want to be heard. For once. For the first time.

People are always amazed by the messages, information, and lessons shared by animals. Having this skill of animal communications, which everyone can (re)learn, brings a new dimension to the work that we do with animals. It can also have a transformative effect on our relationships with them and all sentient beings. That may be the reason for you to take this animal communications workshop.

For others, it is something different.

What about people who don’t work with animals?

Not every participant in the workshop may be a horse-lover, or even an animal lover. Most people in this particular workshop do live with dogs, cats, or both.

Neither is everyone planning to work with animals, in the capacity of an animal rescuer, an animal communicator or another role.

Everyone however was called. Maybe you are too?

Go to your quiet place, your centre, your heart-space, and listen. Is this for you? Yes. No. And the reasons may not be obvious. In fact, being called is often not for the obvious reasons. Maybe you just need some healing or your energy is integral to the group. Maybe the animals will open a door for you. Or maybe this skill will help you communicate with the non-verbal beings in your life, such as a non-verbal child.

In this workshop, there was massive healing, for the people and for the horses. Linking Awareness in any case will certainly alter or deepen the way you see reality.

Why work with animals?

Some animals tend to send info very fast, like horses and elephants.


Animals are the largest group of non-verbals. Most of human communication is through non-verbal avenues as well. Even beyond body language, it is energetic. Some people are, for example, empaths. Then there are the 4 Clairs that you may be familiar with and will learn about in the workshop.

  • Clairvoyance  “Visions, images and mental pictures”
  • Clairaudience  “Sounds, voices, and words”
  • Clairsentience  “Feelings and hunches or senses”
  • Clair cognizance  “Thoughts, ideas, inner certainty or knowing”.

Learning to speak with animals is learning to communicate better with other people.

Animals are also very present. Unlike humans, they live in the present. They don’t plan things out. They don’t obsess about the past or drama, though some animals can be quite dramatic and funny! Even as victims of abuse, animals are resilient and can heal quickly. Certainly they remain loving, even if some need the distance from our species. Animals live in the now, and are a powerful reminder of that key of being – living from the heart.

Animals are fantastic teachers. And honestly, who wouldn’t LOVE to spend days with horses?

Lessons from Horses

Horses just don’t let you get away with it. You have to be sovereign, be connected to who you are, and stand firm in your energy. If you don’t want to be “bullied” by horses. They are big animals and we probably have fears about being kicked in the head so working with horses is a big lesson in facing your fears. Horses, like all animals, can sense incongruence.

I think horses also call out to that primal, that instinctive, that free and wild part of our being. Some people are deathly afraid of horses, and by extension that part of themselves.

Despite everything (and humans have done some pretty deep wounding), these horses had so much to share, so much to give. Their heart-space is SO very big and embracing. This biofield’s resonance heals.

If you know dolphins, Loesje calls horses land-dolphins. She has even seen them projecting energy forms to fragment blocked energy in people or whatever it is around them.

Working with animals reminds us that our reality is holographic, just as scientists are discovering. Fractals. There is no past or future, only now. In the now, we can tap into the morphogenic field and access all information that ever existed, exists, and will exist. This paradox of timelessness can be challenging for the logical mind to grasp.

Are animals prophetic? Is it your cat giving you the message? Or is it an aspect of you? Like Linking Awareness facilitator Loesje Jacob says, “it doesn’t matter.”

Why Take Linking Awareness?

This may all sound (deliciously) weird. The great thing about this workshop and everything is that we take what we are ready to hear, and what we are needing to hear. Whether we are conscious of it, seeds of change are planted. Doors are cracked open. If your own beliefs are diametrically different, it does not matter. It’s not a competition; it is an invitation to consider something different.

Maybe it sounds odd when I say the horses called me. To be honest, this workshop has been on my “to-do list” for years. This time, it just “lit up” for me. It was the horses mostly. It was also the right timing. I believe that it is no accident who we meet and who we meet in workshops. This Linking Awareness workshop was no exception. We were all meant to meet up, if even for just that weekend.

During the workshop, we asked if all animals are healers. Like people, we all are but some of us are here in a healer’s role. Loesje’s horse is nicknamed Pete the Prophet. Some are storytellers.

Whatever their role, animals play a tremendous, important, and amazing part in our world. Isnt’ it time we started to listen? They are aspects of ourselves and through them, we can start to hear our simplest and deepest truths. When we in any way abuse animals, we are only abusing ourselves. It is time to listen, to say sorry, to forgive, and to let go. And it is definitely time to have some fun!

The message from one of the horses we worked with, Hi 5 Hi Frequency, seen in the photo above, for humanity is “don’t be so stodgy, and have fun.”

It’s perfect to ask nature. Nature is not going to lie so I am looking at my own lies.



Linking Awareness is about giving us tools, symbols, and metaphors to reclaim our innate abilities of non-verbal non-physical communication. Some people appear more “gifted” in this.  Perhaps they didn’t buy into the belief that it’s not real or they were able to remove the filters on the subtle senses. Everyone, however, has the ability to learn the tools and techniques of Linking Awareness.

Inherent in this is harnessing our power of imagination and dropping our awareness from our head to the heart. We have been programmed to think that verbal communication is the marker of intelligence. For a long time now, those who cannot “speak” have been treated second-class citizens, be they animals or “mentally-challenged” people. Just because a being or species communicate differently does not mean they are inferior. As we now know, dolphins for example are extremely intelligent.

We all “pick up” information but for many, unless it is spoken, we do not trust it. Not even when the action is speaking louder than the words. Clarification: our mind doesn’t trust it. Our body knows the truth. Doing this workshop is learning to trust and that could be the single biggest missing key in the world now. The subtext of this “animal communications” course is intercellular communication and a healing journey. There are so many levels, connections, and reasons to do this workshop.

Linking Awareness has been offered in Singapore five times and now has locally-based facilitators.

This March Linking Awareness in Singapore was held at Gallop Stables, working with ex-racehorses. Linking Awareness was “created” by Loesje Jacob and her daughter Emily, with much input from the animal kingdom. Linking Awareness is an animal communications workshop that not only opens the channels to communicate with your dog or cat. It teaches techniques to link in with all “non-verbals”.

Loesje Jacob is a Canadian Advanced Certified BodyTalk practitioner, Senior BodyTalk Instructor, Animal Communicator, bridge, pioneer, world traveller….She holds workshops and courses at her home, Eagle’s Eye Ranch, in beautiful British Columbia. For this trip, Loesje was accompanied by her Personal Assistant, Boo Versteegh, also a BodyTalk practitioner. Boo was our indispensable “horse-mover” plus more.

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