Libra Season & Gene Keys

With the Autumn/Spring Equinox, we move into Libra season and Gene Keys highlight the world theme we will be experiencing. Contemplating them and witnessing them within ourselves will help us individually and collectively to open up the Gifts and Siddhis of these Gene Keys.

Gene Keys Perspective for Libra Season

During the Libra season, the Sun moves through the Gene Keys 46, 18, 48, 57, 32, and moves into 50 before we come into Scorpio Season.

As the Sun makes up the majority of our conditioning and programming, taking even a cursory look at these gates is helpful to more gracefully navigate these times. According to the Gene Keys, the frequencies of these Gates can be experienced as a world theme so even if they are not part of our own Holographic Profile, we will experience them from the outer world.

For more information, visit the Gene Keys website. You can start with your free holographic profile to see which Gene Keys are activated for you. I highly recommend the Golden Path, starting with the Activation Sequence where you work with your 4 Prime Gifts.

The path for working with the Gene Keys is through contemplation. Each of the 64 Gene Keys has three key code words for the three frequency bands – Shadow Consciousness, Gift, and Siddhi.

All words resonate within the chambers of your body. They carry frequencies in and out of your being. If for example you take the word conflict and sound it silently within your mind, it creates an electromagnetic pulse that is heard throughout your body. If you then imagine the feeling that this word engenders, you send an even more powerful signal into the inner recesses of your physiology. Remember, your DNA is so incredibly sensitive that it hears everything and responds accordingly.

Richard Rudd, The Gene Keys
Gene KeyShadow ConsciousnessGiftSiddhi
A Science of Luck
The Healing Power of Mind
The Wonder of Uncertainty
A Gentle Wind
Ancestral Reverence
Cosmic Order
CorruptionEquilibrium Harmony

In this article, we will move through Libra Season and the first three Gene Keys. Part two of this series will focus on the last three Gene Keys.

46th Gene Key

week of September 21 – 26 2020

The shadow state is seriousness, and that is birthed from a lack of trust in life. Richard Rudd has said that “seriousness is the most widespread of all diseases on our planet and is a primary cause of much ill fortune.”Seriousness, he continues, is like living with a black cloud over your head and you are living out of synchronicity of your life and Life itself. It’s because so many are trapped in their mind.

This seriousness can show up as being frozen and numb or pretending life is just great. To reveal the Gift of Delight, we first acknowledge the shadow state and come to accept who we are, the uniqueness and the rich tapestry that we are. And feel alive and enlivened. Through the heart, we can experience the highest frequency of the 46th Gene Key. When we live from the heart, and not the mind. Ecstasy is our natural state.

18th Gene Key

week of September 27 to October 1 2020

The 18th Gene Key is the “Healing Power of Mind”, as we move from the Shadow of Judgment to the Gift of Integrity and the Siddhi of Perfection. Judgement arises from a “victim mind” that comes from being stuck in the low frequencies of the parents as children naturally question authority from 14 to 21. Being the “victim mind” means allowing the negative thought patterns of the collective to influence our mentality. Judgment is not wrong; it is identifying with it and with our opinions to feel more secure that is the low frequency expression. Because “all judgment is self-judgment” this Gene Key is a reminder that all judgment and external reflection is a chance for us to resolve, accept, and integrate something within.

How this shadow can show up is feeling inferior or superior. Though there may be a dominant pattern, it is likely we express both. Much of this depends on our childhood and the conditioning from our caregivers.

Interestingly, the 46th, 48th, and 18th Gene Keys govern our physical, emotional, and mental phases. Each being seven years long, we move through them from birth to 21, childhood to adulthood. The 57th Gene Key plants these seeds during our gestation as well. These Gene Keys make up the Ring of Matter and understanding them can transform how we educate and raise children. The role of parents and caregivers is so important!

The Gift of Integrity is about being “able to hold your own space without reacting to your judgments or self-judgments” and it is “a function of your immune system in maintaining the tensile strength within your body.” It means having high standards, that you set and you meet to serve our evolution. This gift helps us move from childhood to adulthood, no matter how old we are.

48th Gene Key

week of October 2 to October 7 2020

The 48th Gene Key is “The Wonder of Uncertainty”. According to Richard Rudd, the 48th Shadow is a powerful fear, that we are inadequate and we have an inner void. He shares that the higher frequencies of this Gene Key can more easily seen during crisis. 2020 is such a time, when we can unite to tap into resources and create solutions for the collective.

The 48th Gene Key governs our cycle of emotional development, from 7 to 14. During these years of incarnating into our emotional body, we are deeply conditioned by emotional patterns and messages around us. We have such confusing signals and patterns about “being emotional” so it is not surprising this is such a collective shadow. This inadequacy can manifest as not taking responsibility for our emotions, seeking knowledge to fill the inner emptiness, manipulating and controlling others, chasing after material wealth as a form of security, or otherwise burying or externalizing our fear of the void.

Trust is the way to raise the frequency of the 48th Gene Key. Know that we will have the resources when we require them. Over time, this will prove out that the shadow of inadequacy is merely an illusion. The fear doesn’t go away; the key is our ability to be open to it and sit with it. When we are in this space of trust and surrendering to not knowing, answers, solutions, and other resources appear. We all have gifts hardwired into us that can be activated. The archetype of the 48th Gene Key is feminine, yielding, and inward moving.

The Siddhi of Wisdom is seated within feeling of unsecure. Richard Rudd differentiates insecure and unsecure. The first is being “kidnapped by fear and taken on an illusory journey that promises final redemption but can never deliver it” and unsecure is “to have embraced your urge to escape fear in every way possible.” The secret is to trust the physical body.

Working with the Gene Keys is a powerful way to shift our vibrations. Because it is holographic, when we dissolve one shadow frequency, others are also affected. When one person can show up more fully present and whole, the collective also becomes more integrated.

In part 2 of this series, we continue with the last three Gene Keys of Libra Season. A great way to work with Gene Keys and bringing more honesty, wisdom, and other gifts into your life, through you, is doing the Golden Path, staring with the Activation Sequence.

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Photo credit : Ayo Ogunseinde