Libra Season & GENE KEYS (Part 2)

This is part 2 of the article series Libra Season & Gene Keys. In the first part, we looked at the first three Gene Keys, as world themes that we are moving through for the first 15 days of Libra Season. Here, we continue with the last three Gene Keys.

Working with the Gene Keys

With Gene Keys, we work with three frequency bands – the Shadow Consciousness, Gift, and Siddhi. The 64 Gene Keys, which relate to the 64 I Ching hexagrams and 64 codons in our DNA, are archetypes and aspects of the universe.

The 64 Shadows are akin to locks. They are low frequencies that are “normal” to the collective and they overshadow and hide higher states of being. “The 64 Shadow frequencies form a collective energy field that is generated by ancient genetic memories from the time when we were part of the animal kingdom. The primary focus of the 64 Shadows is individual survival based on fear, and as such they always stimulate the oldest parts of the brain and its related physiology.” (Ricard Rudd)

Working with the Gene Keys is a way to work with vibrations, talk with our DNA, and to unlock the gifts and potential that are hardwired into us. The path here is contemplating these transmissions, as each Gene Key and their frequencies are beyond words. It is sitting with each Gene Key with ease, patience, and playfulness and watch with our whole being, opening the door to imagination and ultimately, freedom.

Gene KeyShadowGiftSiddhi
A Science of Luck
The Healing Power of Mind
The Wonder of Uncertainty
A Gentle Wind
Ancestral Reverence
Cosmic Order

The world theme is the Gate where the Sun is in. See part 1 to read about the 46th, 18th, and 48th Gene Keys.

57th Gene Key

week of October 8 to 13 2020

The 57th is “A Gentle Wind”, with the Shadow frequency of Unease, Gift of Intuition, and Siddhi of Clarity.

Clarity is a new world. With Clarity there is no I. Clarity can’t exist with a sense of identification. To get to the heart of the matter, we must let go of all that we’ve ever known. Our Intuition will take us finally to a precipice in consciousness.

Richard Rudd, 64 Ways

The fear that the Shadow of Unease is based on is fear of the future, fear of tomorrow. Ra Uru Hu (Human Design) believed this may be the most complex of all fears and the lesson is to be in the moment. We can only deal with fear when there is something to fear in the now, or else our resources and our resilience become depleted. We can see how chronic stress has negatively impacted so many people’s health.

In our modern world, we live more from our mind than our body whereas in the past, we were more attuned to the environment through frequencies. Then, we trusted our body to respond to any unease we feel. Richard Rudd calls this unease an early warning system; only now, it is filtered through the mind. We have lost touch with our gut and intuition, our feminine aspect. We repress our instincts and become hesitant or are reactive and act impetuously.

Unlocking the Gift of Intuition is about trusting our feminine and our sensitivity, which have both been denigrated. Feeling our sensitivity can also be scary and overwhelming, especially if we believe we are separate and the “other” is to be feared.

Every time you trust in your intuition or make a decision based on it, you raise the frequency of your whole aura. Your awareness operating system changes gear and your body hums with life. One of the great revelations you may have through the 57th Gift sit hat fear is not inside you. It is a field that you may live in, pass through or ascend beyond.

Richard Rudd, The Gene Keys

At the highest frequencies of the 57th Gene Key, we come to know the art of softness and how everything opens and yields with a soft touch. It’s becoming a tuning fork for what’s beyond time and for the Divine.

32th Gene Key

week of October 14 to 18 2020

The 32th Gene Key is Ancestral Reverence, with the Shadow of Failure, Gift of Preservation, and Siddhi of Veneration.

The fear that drives the 32th Shadow is the fear of failure to survive as an individual and as a species. In modern times, this has transferred into fear of failure to make money. However, no amount of money can erase this fear; it only creates false security.

Richard Rudd reminds us that money is “a wonderful lesson in letting go of fear” and “every time you feel yourself worrying about money, smile, take a breath, thank your ancestors, and relax. When you truly need it, it always comes.”

The 32th Shadow can lead us to be extremely conservative, which only further contracts our being. Or to losing continuity in life because of the underlying anger and belief that you are separate and you only have yourself to ensure your survival. When we recognize these patterns in our lives, we can start to shift their frequencies.

The Gift of Preservation is about what to keep alive, what to invest in, what long-term projects to focus on. This is about recognizing what needs to be let go of, what needs more attention, and who makes a good ally, with the goal of building what is strong.

Contemplation of the 32th Gene Key leads us to deeper respect for all those who came before us and all those to come. “Veneration is about feeling both tiny and huge at the same time!” (Richard Rudd) And recognizing that we come from a spiritual lineage, a fractal line, this spiral of evolution that connects all.

50th Gene Key

week of October 19 to 24 2020

The 50th Gene Key is the Cosmic Order, with the Shadow of Corruption, Gift of Equilibrium, and Siddhi of Harmony.

The corruption here means data that is lost through translation and transcription. Filtered through fear, information and engagement are misinterpreted, leading to chaos. This is magnified now as different elements of the collective meet and mix in the cauldron of life.

In order to keep order and chaos at bay, hierarchies are formed and maintained. However, because they are based on external control they are low frequencies and far from Cosmic Order. The Shadow of Corruption is seen through people who take advantage of the system and those who become victims. Many people submit to the system because they feel they just cannot or don’t want to break away.

Unlike enforced order, natural equilibrium or a self-organizing intelligence leads to Cosmic Order. One area this balance can be achieved is through the parent-child relationship. Here, the parents have the responsibility of facing and owning their emotions. Otherwise the secrets and unspoken appear distorted in the field and thereby imprinting on the children and creating an emotional burden on them. When parents are able to do this, the family experiences a deep harmony.

If you have the 50th Gene Key as one of your Prime Gifts, activating this Gift of Equilibrium and Siddhi of Harmony is an important aspect of your presence in the world. You can contemplate your Prime Gift Gene Keys (your Personality and Design Sun/Earth Gates) or you can purchase and follow the Activation Sequence. Richard Rudd believes that those with this Gene Key in their Profile (so not necessarily as a Prime Gift) can “catalyze considerable shifts in the consciousness of those around them.” The blueprint is there, and moving to cosmic harmony is inevitable.

True equilibrium and teamwork is always a self-organizing phenomenon that can never be successfully implemented through external control. Herein lies the great secret to humanity’s future collective harmony – it can only be achieved through individual freedom and trust in the self-organizing intelligence that emerges from that freedom.

Richard Rudd, The Gene Keys

Over time, equilibrium shifts to harmony, which is resonance of all the elements. Equilibrium is created and harmony is entered into. Within this harmony, each person is a musical note.

As the Sun moves into different Gates and Gene Keys, we experience their frequencies as a world theme. If you have these Gates in your Human Design Bodygraph or these Gene Keyes as part of your Holographic Profile, contemplating is a potent practice.

Part of this information (which Gates/Gene Keys the Sun and other planetary are) is based on Astrology. If you have any planets in Libra, you will have one or more of the Gates/Gene Keys we have discussed in your chart or profile.

In Human Design, along with Authority, Type, Centres, Channels, and Circuitry, we also look at our activated Gates and lines. Both the Gates and the Gene Keys correlate with the 64 I Ching hexagrams and draw their core meaning from them. Many people work with both Human Design and Gene Keys and I invite you to explore them both.

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