Libra Season, Art of Relating

Each zodiac sign is an archetype. Libra, symbolized by the scales, is about relating and balancing.

With the Autumn/Spring Equinox, we begin Libra Season, and the third quarter of the astrological year. At this time, the Dayforce and the Nightforce are equal, with the latter on the increase. We start leaning out of our own individual needs to connect with others. This is the journey out of the personal and towards the collective. Dane Rudhyar named this the NightForce – yin, receptive, integrating with the social and spiritual that is larger than the individual.


In astrology, we look at the axis of polarity. With 12 zodiac signs, there are pairs and opposites. Here, we have Aries and Libra.

Aries, as the first sign, is about emerging from the collective (Pisces) as an individual consciousness seeking expression.

Libra is about relating by releasing the weight of excessively self-centred and personality-based expressions.

For both Aries and Libra, Dayforce and Nightforce, day and night, masculine and feminine, self and other are in balance, with the energy reaching in the opposite direction for each.

In 5D Astrology, opposites form a bridge. The bridge is what we seek within ourselves between who we are as a new energy, as a personal expression to who we are as maturity balancing what we have been conditioned or feel as exclusive opposites. It’s a matter of perspective.

Libra – Relationships & Relating

…relationship follows selfhood in order that selfhood may become more truly, more powerfully, more universally the supreme jewel of being that it essentially is.

Dane Rudhyar, New Mansions for New Men

Libra rules the 7th House of relationships and the art of relating. As the first sign of the zodiac’s third quadrant, this phase is about relating to those outside our family. Libra’s gift is bridging people in partnerships for the greatest benefit of the collective and totality. We must first recognize what our own needs are, before negotiating a balance with the outside world.

Often this need to find balance can manifest as a tendency to keep peace, and even avoid confrontation at a personal expense. How does this look like? We may put our own desires and needs on the back burner, subsume our truths, and become co-dependent. Balancing and relating are skills that are honed through time and practice, and a sense of self-love.

With Libra, we are therefore invited to see if our need to be with others drives us to unhealthy relationships. Life will also show us where we may be giving our powers away to keep harmony, and where that excuse is buried in the unconscious. How do we come together so that the sum is greater than the parts?

Libra is the only sign not symbolized by a human or animal. Her mantra of “We balance” is signified by the scales. Goddess Maat weighs the heart against her feather to determine if the soul is ready to proceed to the afterlife or, if weighed down by unfinished business, guilt, and sin (“missing the mark”), for reincarnation to continue this journey. In some myths, the soul is devoured by Ammit. 

They do the commitment thing in powerfully re-imagined ways. Their obsessions about others’ reactions can lead to impulsive people-pleasing.

Some are being swept up into the cult of the law of attraction, or in other circles, the prosperity gospel. Libra, after all, is the sign of the clear mind, one that has the power to shape reality.

The Ancient Greeks celebrated the purity of consciousness and thought as the origins of all that’s created. ​Pluto Libras have an instinct for this, and through the power of will, really can re-imagine their world, on their terms.

The dark side would be resisting the loss of control that Pluto demands so that the deeper alchemy can happen. Pluto Libras seek balance, but could fall into compulsive habits of avoiding anything that feels emotionally dirty or raw.

Live About– Molly Hall

With Libra, we are meeting a new world, one that is outside of ourselves and our selfhood. Dana Rudhyar puts the question thus : “to be a self while loving; to love while realizing one’s innermost selfhood. To be, without the fear of becoming. To become, yet remain always true to one’s own being.” As he continues, this is the “play of the opposites; of day and night, of spring and autumn.”

As we move into the last few months of the calendar year 2020, it will help us to have a radically honest conversation with ourselves. How can we better relate with others, while honouring our needs, their needs, and the evolution of the collective. We can contemplate these themes and see how the archetype of Libra is expressed through our lineage, our personal sphere, and our social environment. We can also contemplate the world themes of the Libra season. The Gene Keys provides a wonderful template and we can delve deeper through the Activation Sequence, which helps us understand our Four Prime Gifts.

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Photo credit : Rawan Yasser