Less is More; A path to Ourselves

In this article, guest writer Kevin McCarthy shares how less is more as a path to ourselves. He comes from an astrology and tarot background, along with lived experience and a longtime student of Human Design. He is a 3/6 Splenic Projector who helms a Human Design & Astrology Facebook group that includes over 10,000 members.

As human adults we tend to reach a breaking point in our life where we have an epiphany or moment where we suddenly feel awake and more aware.

We’ve accumulated, worked hard, tied ourselves down, and found a place (whether it is right or not) to bury in and feel secure and safe (whether we are or not). This isn’t the same for everyone, naturally; the theme is generally the same. That moment in time (or several moments – the Universe tends to try calling again after a while if we don’t answer the call) prompts us to let go of things; the past, people, habits, property, money, the list goes on.

We hopefully become aware of where we are compromising ourselves and unbalancing the cycle of life. This can be in any of what I call the four pillars of our existence: body, mind, heart, and soul.

How is your health in general? When you think of health, do you think of your body? Your mind? How about your heart and soul/spirit?

I find I tend to think of them in that order – it is hard for me to conceptualize just what it means to have a sick spirit, but it is definitely a thing. This is how our awareness, our perception, and how we think about things, our environment, and the people we interact with regularly can have an impact on us, on all fronts.

Each of these four pillars is interdependent upon the others in this physical plane. If one suffers, the others tend to compensate or try to accommodate, which can in turn cause those other areas to suffer as well. Suffering isn’t unnecessary, though. It is a part of the balance, and how the wavelength of life gets its highs and lows, its quirks and characteristics.

Deconditioning in Human Design

Instead of giving ourselves more “work” to do, complicating life even further with intense studies and searches for meaning and value, we need to realize that we already have what we need

The problem is we also have so much that we do not need, typically categorized as conditioning in Human Design. It may have served us at some point. Now it is burdening us, taking our energy to what may not be correct for us. We have integrated it, in the hopes that we could be better for it, or benefit from it. It should however be temporary. Conditioning can be synergistic, supportive and give us a limited-use key for the doors of our life. That should be it.

Once we declutter and release and reserve our energy for those things that sustain us and help us utilize our core energy and design, we can then grow and expand those things in our life that resonate, flourish, and bring in a cycle of reward and sustenance. Deconditioning is a never-ending process, though there comes a point where it starts to benefit more than cost.

We have to reserve some things for ourselves. We have to invest value and meaning within, sometimes receiving confirmation and support from the outside, but only ever for a short time.

If we were to go to the hospital because we are sick, does it make sense to stay there forever to stay healthy? There are some people out there who don’t have a choice and that is sad and tragic. Generally speaking, no. We should be cared for temporarily until we can pick up our own life, body, mind, and soul, and continue to express, experience, enjoy, and be free.

This message is similar to the concept of the 10 of Wands Tarot card. You are ready to cross a threshold, but you have to choose what to take with you. You can’t take everything. It is impossible and will keep you from proceeding. The journey from Ace to 10 in Tarot is all about the progression and added perspective and dimension with every number, until you reach 10. At that point we should have enough personal insight to evaluate and decide what goes with us, and what stays behind. That we can be okay without everything we acquired or formed on our way.

How can we hear the song of our own existence on all four levels if we are busy listening to the songs of others, or everything but ourselves?

There is a time and place to be able to listen to others’ songs, only be as much as when we listen to our own music.

Trust me, I have Gate 13. This gate resides in the G/Identity centre, also the centre of self love and alignment. It is useful for its ability to listen – to truly listen, without anticipating how to react or judge. People when they recognize the energy of Gate 13, feel they can tell you anything. It is half of the Channel of the Prodigal or Storyteller.

The short of it is we are here to simplify, surrender, and experience. More work, more learning, and more struggle is not the long-term theme. These are necessary sometimes; it is not life.

What do you hear? What can you share? What can you let go of?

Kevin McCarthy is a tarot reader and astrologer, versed in Human Design. In his journey, he’s developed gifts and skills enabling him to help others see the patterns in their past, current, and future life. He believes we all have the answers within; we just need an assessment and search to unearth them and bring them to the light. Kevin is also a longtime student of Past Life Discovery, Dream Interpretation, and Meditation.

Kevin lives with his wife near Denver, Colorado in the United States. Together they help run and support a local dog rescue as board members and fosters. They love helping find homes for those dogs that can’t help themselves. Kevin also loves to create hot sauces for friends and family. | website