Leo Full Moon

In February 2020, we have a Full Snow Moon in Leo. Saturday February 8 11:33PM PT/Sunday February 9 2:33AM EST. Our beautiful moon travels through the 12 zodiac signs in a month, lingering sometimes a couple of days. We are gifted the opportunity to experience the energies of each of these signs, regardless of where our natal moon lives. This weekend – it’s all about Leo. This fire sign, with the heat of mid-summer, sun at high noon.

February 2020 Full Moon in Leo

A full moon is the building and the culmination of energy from a new moon. Fruition. Completion. Letting Go. What did you seed this past New Moon in Aquarius? Or from the last full moon?

What are you letting go? Find out, based on what your Ascendant or Rising Sign is.

Leo is about the heart. Desires. Courage. Step boldly into the full expression of your heart, and release anything that is not heart-based and love-filled. What allows you to be the love you truly are? Let go of everything else and sit fully in the void, the winding down of this energy, as you prepare for the New Moon in Pisces on February 22/23.

Robert Wilkinson of Aquarius Papers also speaks about these weeks after the full moon as a time for “preparing for the intensity of the multiple conjunctions in March, kicking off a new long wave era.”¹

With this Full Moon in Leo, we have Sun in Aquarius. This polarity of Leo and Aquarius is sometimes called axis of ego, both unique powerful singular personalities of original creativity.² Both fixed signs, fire and air, their dance brings us insights about who we are, how to love ourselves, the personal and the universal, in the present and our future self. What stands in the way?

Looking further, perhaps Human Design can shed some light.

According to Human Design, this Leo Full Moon is in Gate 4.2 and the Sun at 20°00′ is Gate 49.2.³ According to Love Your Design’s Gate Room, Gate 4 “gives you to drive to want to find the answer. Not just any answer but the ONE answer” and Gate 49 calls for revolution.

More on Gates 4.2 and 49.2 with Human Design and Baantu Guide and Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner Wade Pajares

On Emotional Waves (Human Design)

The fullness of the moon’s light shining on what may have been unseen or brushed aside before can feel confrontational, possibly sparking different emotional waves. The world we live in is still mind-dominated, logical and rational awarded over the wild abandon of our creativity. Yet we are all unique and we have different ways to reach truth and clarity.

When I think of emotional waves, my musings flow to what they mean within the Human Design model. In The Definitive Book of Human Design, the writers have this to say: “Spirit consciousness is the opposite of differentiation; it is about oneness, and experiencing ourselves as a single entity. Such consciousness results when the emotional waves between two or more beings are in resonance. As a highly different, interregnum species, we cannot even imagine how it will feel to share such consciousness so deeply with other. This developing awareness lies beneath the surface of our present emotional system.”⁴

If you have a defined Solar Plexus, find out more about the frequencies and patterns of the different types of emotional waves. If you have an open/undefined Solar Plexus, understanding this is also illuminating, a way to deepen your relationships with those around you, especially those with a defined Solar Plexus.

Interested in learning more about Human Design? Start with these articles or book a session with a guide.

Honouring the Leo Full Moon

Days before a full moon, many people already begin to feel impacted by the energy. Full moons can be highly emotional for many people. Perhaps different emotional waves are set in motion. For over 50% of people, their Solar Plexus is defined, and learning not to make decisions in the moment and observing the lows and highs of their emotional waves can be a gamechanger. To navigate this, movement can be your best friend. Turn on the music and get some dance on. Go for a run or try toe tapping. Move in a way that helps you move your energy and ground into your feelings, unafraid of what they may be saying.

With Leo, this could be a glimpse, prequel to your Valentine’s Day with your sweetheart, showering love on your relationship. If you are self-partnered as Emma Watson claims, bring focus on yourself, opening your heart. Our relationship with ourselves, after all, is primary. Be brave and ask for what you require, what you need, what you love.

Here’s a Jin Shin Jyutsu tip – energize and harmonize the heart energy by holding your pinkie finger, wrapping your hand around your wrist, or holding the sole side of your big toes!

As we move through the cosmos, we experience the forces of the celestial bodies We get imprinted by neutrinos, messengers carrying messages for us. Are we ready to receive?

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