Is the Jellyfish Your Spirit Animal?

The jellyfish is the ultimate symbol for being one with nature and natural forces and trust. Despite their soft and gelatinous amorphous shapes, the jellyfish may be the deadliest creature that we know of. Its unique traits makes this one powerful spirit animal to guide us through adversity.

Jellyfish call every ocean home, from the surface waters to the deep alien world mostly unknown to man. Possibly the oldest multi-organ animal, the jellyfish has been around for between 500 to 700 million years. They are mostly propelled by the wind and current, bringing prey to them or moving them to their most essential foods.

Jellyfish by Francis Taylor
Photo by Francis Taylor

Wisdom from the Jellyfish

  • Trust your instinctive and survival skills
  • Harmony with Mother Nature and let the natural forces guide you through life; let go of grasping and pushing and be flexible
  • Go with the flow and know which currents to follow
  • Trust your heart, love, and your emotions in general (What comes from the heart is power and strength)
  • Have faith in yourself and that you will find a way; the universe will show you the way
  • Connect with your sensitivity, to your emotions, to other people, and to your environment
  • Maintain balance in life
  • Shine from within and let others see who you really are
  • Go for simplicity and transparency
  • Be discerning between when to float and when to swim
  • See the power, wisdom, and beauty in softness
words of the Jellyfish Spirit Animal

acceptance ● art of nonresistance ● heart ● faith ● flow ● illumination ● inner strength ● invisibility as a power ● protection ● sensitivity ● softness ● transparency ● trust

Interesting Info about the Jellyfish

Jellyfish do not need another to reproduce and bloom in diversity. Due to overfishing and other negative environmental changes, populations of jellyfish have exploded, a stern reminder of what happens when we live an imbalanced life.

Jellyfish has the gene for the Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP) which means they glow in fluorescent light. Some have bioluminescent organs.

They can clone themselves. Turritopsis nutricula jellyfish can regenerate cells and revert to an earlier stage of its life – a blob or a stationary polyp – when in crisis, earning them the title “immortal”.

In 2009, a 600ft crop circle of a jellyfish appeared in Oxfordshire where the Rollright Stones are found. Read more about the Jellyfish Crop Circle.


Jellyfish by Sinan Helfenstein
Photo by Sinan Helfenstein

Primal Astrology is a system that combines Western (conscious; powered by the sun) and Chinese (subconscious; driven by the moon) astrology. The terms “Primal Zodiac Sign” and “Animal Spirit” are used interchangeably here.

A Virgo born in the Year of the Snake (Jellyfish) is different from a Virgo born in the Year of the Dragon (Polar Bear) or a Virgo born in the Year of the Dog (Salamander).

Find your Primal Astrological Sign.

Jellyfish in Astrology

Jellyfish are independent and instinctive, yet elegant and discrete. Everyone born under this sign has incredible intuition. They are not only excellent at logically dissecting and examining a situation but they also have a sort of “sixth sense” for understanding what is subconsciously driving certain people in certain directions. Members of this sign create their universe as they go. Their perception of “what is” is more important than what others, even experts, declare as truth. This brilliant and mysterious sign is known for their dedication to their own uniquely creative approach to life.

These are people who are deeply intellectual, swimming through the waters of their own mind, but cautious enough to warn outsiders not to get too close too quickly. For humans born under the sign of the Jellyfish, their sting is just a warning – don’t get too close unless you are willing to risk getting hurt.
Primal Astrology

Famous Jellyfish include Greta Garbo, Elizabeth I, Johann von Goethe, Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, Yasser Arafat, Bob Newhart, Otis Redding, “Mama” Cass Elliot, Shania Twain, Charlie Sheen, Moby, and Fiona Apple.

Cover photo by Patrick Fischer


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