Is Resistance a Test or a Signpost?

For years I used to ponder what is the purpose of resistance.

Is resistance a test? Is life testing our resolve? A test of our resilience and the progress we’ve made on our journey?

It’s commonly believed that “what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger” and that we grow from lessons. What happens when the pain of trauma leaves us frozen and parts of us inaccessible? Yes, becoming whole and integrating all our experiences is transformational.

I also began asking these questions when I felt I was meeting a lot of resistance. This of course is a mindset as well, something else to address.

And what is resistance?

It can be an idea you feel is brilliant and even people you speak with think it’s fantastic. However, out in the wild, say as a paid event or workshop, it flops. It flops financially anyway. That can be a sign of resistance. Is it life showing us that the creative direction we’ve taken is misaligned? The timing is off? That we’re “meant” to be doing something else with our life force?

In recent years, I’ve started to let go of the idea that we must grow from hardship, pain, and suffering. While changing our beliefs and mindset can alter these states of being, why do they continue? It’s the whole “if God were loving…” inquiry. I had also begun to question the conditioning we are subject to in this world, some forces more obvious than others. Growing up in two cultures, I’ve always seen the homogenizing influences culture has on us.

Resistance in HUman Design

Since going deeper into my Human Design deconditioning process, I’ve come to greater clarity about resistance. I do not have mental certainty by any means. And I’m okay with it. I’m merely sharing here a concept that I’ve been turning over in my head for some time. With a completely open Ajna and Head centre, I’m not designed to be mentally certain. Rather, I’m here to be open and flexible, with the ability to entertain different ideas and ways of conceptualization. Let’s say it’s a journey since I don’t always recognize when an idea or concept has value or matters. It’s been a real deconditioning journey these past few years in a climate of censorship and mental confusion. If you’re in the same boat, this is really the time to surrender your mind and anchor more deeply into your inner compass to navigate the coming years.

In Human Design, resistance is a signpost that we’ve made a decision from our conditioned beliefs and not from who we truly are. As a Manifesting Generator, this can show up as frustration and anger. For other sacral-defined beings, it’s frustration. Manifestors, it’s anger. Projectors, bitterness. Reflectors, disappointment. These are different auras and so different vehicles in which we move through maia. We each have our own way to steer these vehicles, decision by decision. Resistance is what we feel when we are forcing our way through the density of maia.

Resistance & Open Head

Let’s continue with our example. When resistance is a signpost, what is it telling us about the flopped workshop? First let’s be clear that financial metrics are not the sole way to measure success. It may be the primary one for many people; that’s a topic for another day.

As someone with an open Head Centre, I’m open to so much inspiration. Without any activations, I don’t have a consistent way of seeing who or what is truly inspired. I’ve since learned to allow it to pass through and not identify with it. I may learn it is correct for me to pursue in response. Maybe I share an idea with someone, “I’m thinking about doing a Jin Shin Jyutsu workshop on X.” Perhaps my friend asks, “Are you going to do it then?” My response will give me the answer. Otherwise, it’s batting an idea in my head, my mind trying to figure out something it’s not designed to do. The mind is not here to make decisions.

Human Design shows that we have binary consciousness – conscious/Personality and unconscious/Design. However we live in a world built by 7-centred beings even though we are 9-centred and navigate very differently. The biggest takeaway is the mind is not here to make decisions. The mind is our outer authority, sharing our experiences through the purity of who we are. Not strategizing to survive, to usurp, to control, to manipulate. It’s a tremendous and pivotal difference.

Resistance then is a signpost that we are living as 7-centred beings focused on survival, on a mindset that the pie is only so big and the world is dog-eat-dog. When we navigate through maia as who we are, it’s like we have found our own tram line, like those tracks that light up in Tron. Life is very different.

Are you feeling stuck, frustrated, and meeting with lots of resistance? Let’s chat. It takes courage and trust to surrender.