Into the Wormhole & Eclipse Season

We’ve now entered the wormhole into eclipse season, with the New Moon in Gemini last week. To be sure, this is a quantum leap and the best way to journey through this eclipse passage is by sitting in the zero field. And surrender.

These past few months have been, well, interesting. Let’s call it that. Or wild as my friend Amber Sawyer has said. Yes, be conscious of our vocabulary! It’s been challenging, inviting, allowing … And perhaps the fear of uncertainty and mortality along with the railing against increasingly questionable restrictions (google the new studies and doctors and others stepping forward) has pulled our focus more keenly on the immediate. Note the difference between the immediate and the present, though. The immediacy of what is happening around the world may have taken us out of our visioning and the bigger picture.

Into Eclipse Season

It is these times especially that we must dream even bigger. See in our mind’s eye and our heart’s portal the expansiveness and the inclusiveness of the world we desire to live in. It’s not our job to figure out the “how”. The trap of rationality is that many think in linearity, that if we do this, we will get that. Or A leads to B leads to C. These are quantum times, and what a wormhole is all about. We can tunnel through “normal” space-time into our wildest and most fun dreams.

By the way, we will experience three eclipses (including one on Summer Solstice) in this wormhole. Eclipses are doorways. Energies are therefore even more aligned for our transformation and transmutation, anchoring more fully into our authentic and higher selves.

Do you believe it is possible?

All these years, I’ve been shedding physically, as I moved house every two years or so. Travelling light is key now, and therefore time to review what is important on every level. This means reviewing your material possessions, putting down emotional baggage and old-paradigm beliefs. No more hoarding.

What we can do is erase info from our databanks, raise our frequencies, let go of old structures, move from head to heart, listen to the inner voice, surrender, trust, and above all, love. What are your self care and self love practices?

⥤ Try this : Cross your arms across your chest, wrap your hands around your underarms (thumbs in front). Exhale and breathe into the heart space, feeling gratitude, appreciation, and love for 36 rounds of breathing. If these feelings are difficult to tap into, try recalling a happy memory.

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…a wormhole eclipse passage will deliver unexpected events and surprises that we could never imagine or construct on our own accord. This is an opportunity to travel beyond the veils of time and space, and allow the divine unfoldment of our highest vision to take shape. Cosmic shortcuts can appear along the fast track, catapulting us beyond our preconceived limitations, in order to breakthrough to the other side where we find ourselves already sitting in the still point of the heart, with a brand new version of reality surrounding us, wondering how it happened.

Christine Clemmer

More Eclipse Support

In these quantum times, try this new technology. The Heart-Brain Connection, Heart of Serenity, Rose Quartz, and Heart of Serenity are part of HeartWave 2.0. This is a collection of seven mandalas created to cultivate the multi-dimensional heart. As a HeartMath Resilience Trainer, I practice and teach ways to increase heart rate variability, intelligence, and coherence. I also use these mandalas myself and for my clients.

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The eclipses this year – June 5/6 (Lunar Eclipse), June 21 (Solar Eclipse), and July 4/5 (Lunar Eclipse).