Ideas, Ideas, Ideas – the Thing with an Open Head

They say we have about 60,000 thoughts a day. So many ideas coming and (going?) through our mind. What does this mean for people with an open Head Centre?

According to the Human Design System, we have nine energy centres, having evolved from 7-centre beings in the late 1700s. One of these is the Head Centre, which some may call the Crown centre. This is where we receive inspiration. That’s great, right?

Here’s the thing – how this centre operates differs for people, depending on their design. Our uniqueness is contribution yet we live in a homogenized world where we are not celebrated for our differentiation. Indeed, we are conditioned to behave the same, to follow the same strategies to “win” at life.

Defined, Undefined, and Open Centres

The Human Design chart has nine Centres, 64 Gates, and 36 Channels. An individual’s chart is based on two times, birth and approximately 88 days prior to that. Depending on when we were born, we have specific gates activated. Gates form channels which connect the energy centres. This means the energy centre is defined. An undefined energy centre has activated gates. However, these are hanging gates, in that they are not connected to the gates across the channels. An open centre is without any gates.

How energy centres connect determines our Type (Generator, Manifesting Generator, Manifestor, Projector, or Reflector), our Authority, etc. All these components form our aura, our electromagnetic field.

On your body graph, the defined energy centres are coloured in.

Energy Centres and the Not-Self

Each centre has its function. There are signs that show when they are not operating correctly. An open centre, as implied by the name, is completely open. It is open to conditioning and influence, whether from other people when they are in aura or from planetary transits. An open centre is a receptor. Depending on our awareness, what comes through an open centre can be a continuation of the Not-Self, or source of deep wisdom and growth.

The Not-Self is simply that – making decisions and living our lives based on who we are not and who we believe ourselves to be. Our choices may stem from our parents’ beliefs or what we think is expected of us. It may be believing others have what we need for us to be satisfied and fulfilled.

Here’s the thing about conditioning. The key is to be aware of these forces as they are always there, from some source. Even if you are a hermit on top of a mountain. Because of the planetary transits.

For most people, the conditioning will come from being in aura with others, such as a person with a defined centre being with a person with an open or undefined centre. It’s energetic and it’s mechanic; the defined centre will move into the open/undefined one, depositing questions in the case of the Head Centre.

The Head Centre

The Head Centre sits at the top of our body. It is a pressure centre and where the receptors for inspiration sit. This centre has three gates, 63 and 64 are part of the Collective Circuit and the 61, Individual Circuit.

Human Design literature quotes 70% of the population as having an open/undefined Head Centre. That means 30% of people are consistent forces of inspiration. They have consistent access to this energy, depending on which gates are fixed. It may be abstract, logical, and/or mutative. It’s energetic and not even something they are doing.

Whereas for those with an undefined or open Head Centre, they are influenced by who is in aura and what planetary transits are in play. Without awareness of the mechanics, they can be frustrated by the inconsistent flow of energy and also ideas and thoughts.

The Head Centre is connected to the Pineal Gland. This is where melatonin is produced, which regulates our sleep/wake cycle. When we are correct, the physical body is also healthy, and in this case, healthy biorhythms.

Undefined and Open Head Centres

Because this is a pressure centre, people with an open or undefined Head Centre feel the pull and push to think, work through questions and doubts, and find the meaning of life, for example. An urgency and need to relieve this pressure. It is a real pressure. A physical pain, even.

So such a person may feel the need to ask all the questions that pass through their mind. Of course, this does not relieve the pressure, not really and can fuel the Not-Self in ways that we may not be aware of, if we are not aware of what’s going on.

An open centre also amplifies and so these individuals will be flooded with questions, doubts, inspiration, and dreams that are not necessarily their own. There is a pressure to act on them, and others may also feel this energy sufficiently enough to demand the open /undefined Head Centre person to choose one.

For people with an Open Head Centre, a question to ask is “are these my questions or am I just trying to answer everyone’s questions?”

A practice to try is witnessing and allowing the questions, doubts, and ideas to float on by. The ones that are important and pertinent to you will resurface. Also watch the answers the universe brings you.

This is part of what is called deconditioning in the Human Design system, a process of becoming aware of the layers and years of conditioning and influences that have shaped us into who we are not. It’s letting go of all the stories, beliefs, and pressures that are part of the homogenizing force of society.

One of the best allies for deconditioning, as well as navigating the rest of 2020 and beyond, is our sense of humour. “Oh, here’s goes the Not-Self! How interesting.” “Oh, there is that conditioning force! How fascinating!”

Levity will help us be more aware of the drama all around, and see it as a game.

Every human being is unique and we are here to be that. From conception, we have been conditioned and influenced by many forces. As children we are sponges and absorb the beliefs of those around us, such as our parents and other caregivers. This helps create the Not-Self, and at some point we begin (or not) the deconditioning process. This is why Human Design is not for us; it’s for children, so they may be honoured and respected for who they truly are, and protected from conditioning influences, including ourselves.

Having inspiration is wonderful. We elevate these people perhaps because we feel inspiration works likes lightning – sudden and only hits some people. In a way this is true, depending on what gates are activated, some people have consistent access to this energy. Yet, when the majority of people realize openness is a field for both conditioning and wisdom and come to discern the difference, everyone can contribute their inspiration, questions, doubts, and dreams in their unique way. When we see the conditioning that comes through the open or undefined Head Centre, we understand where the push and pull to act comes in and learn what is the correct way to respond for us is. Imagine that!