How to Stop Trying in these Times

They say “unprecedented” is the most used word these days. It’s still an apt description, and we are all finding our way through. Many people, for instance, are taking this opportunity to skill up or re-skill, shifting business models or innovating ways of engagement. Yet for some people, this “trying” is pushing their energy even more out of balance. We live in a conditioned world and also depending on our design, we easily succumb to pressures to act. So what does this mean? And how do we come back to an inner balance?

What if there is an easy-to-do and powerful way to dissolve our need to push ourselves? To try beyond our energy reserves? Or against our inner knowing?

This is where Jin Shin Jyutsu comes in. Like life, this art of healing and longevity is about relationships. We can approach the energy of “trying-to” from multiple pathways. This article focuses on the relationships from the 5th Depth.

Jin Shin Jyutsu & Depths

The physio-philosophy of Jin Shin Jyutsu includes this idea of depths. We can think of them as layers of transformation, the densification of energy into matter. Beginning with the 9th Depth or the All & Nothing, Un-manifested, and Universal Consciousness, we step down into manifestation through to the 1st Depth. From the 9th to the 7th Depth, we are still on energetic levels, with the 6th to the 1st the physical.

Each depth has correspondences with an attitude (a persistent response or approach one tends to have), organ function energies, aspect of the blueprint, colour, helpers and harmonizers, planet, musical note, etc. So there are many interesting and fun ways to work with each depth.

5th Depth Keywords – Little Finger, Pretense, Trying-to, Bones/Skeletal, Heart & Small Intestine Organ Function Energy, colour Red, Summer, Tuesday, Fire element, planet Mars, Cervical 3, Safety Energy Locks 24, 25, and 26, Acceptance, Value, Expression

Attitude of Pretense and Trying-to

For the 5th Depth, we have the attitude of pretense and trying-to. Do we seek attention or try to prove ourselves in some way? This can show up as distorting ourselves to meet others’ expectations of us, good and bad. We may be trying to live up to that idea we think our parents, our partners, and our progeny have for us. We may feel the pressure to act or dress a certain way. Or perhaps we have taken on the responsibility to care for everyone.

All of this is efforting, going against our natural energy flow and direction and ignoring our spiritual inheritance.

We are not saying don’t care for other people. Or to consider the information and influence from outside sources. Ebb and flow, give and take, go and rest are natural. So conditioned, we have largely forgotten this and to check in for our response to all requests and invitations.

We are not living from our own heart and not making decisions that support our true desires. We are all unique and it is essential we are tapped into the fire within, our personal truth. Do we value who we are? Do we accept and express ourselves?

Whenever we are not ourselves, we experience disharmony. Attitudes block our natural energy flow, leading to incorrect flow patterns and energy that is stagnated, excessive, or deficient. Everything is related and interdependent. Let us allow, allow, and allow some more and let go of what is not needed.

Hold our little finger, breathe, and drop the trying.

Heart Function Energy

The Heart is considered the strongest organ in the body, and the symbol of the Divine in Man. Disharmonies of the heart come from disharmonies of the other organs. The heart is related to the astrological sign of Leo – it takes courage to be who we are, in a world that wants to homogenize everyone. (In Chinese Astrology it is the Horse.)

It is a delicate balance of not being too stubborn and not easily giving up on what we know is our heart’s truth. Do we have the backbone to stand up for ourselves? The 5th Depth rules bones and the skeletal structure. Harmonizing the heart instills trust and allows generosity to flow; receive the Sun’s energy.

Small Intestine Function Energy

The Small Intestine Function Energy is about discernment and choices – what do we eliminate and what do we assimilate? This also speaks to balancing knowing the details and being obsessed about them in our decision-making process. Unbalanced Small Intestine Function energy can also manifest as a lack of emotional warmth and receptivity to other people. Harmonizing this energy can be helpful for Virgos whose mantra is “I Analyze.”

(In Chinese Astrology, it is the Goat.)

Mere absorption is not living. What is absorbed but not assimilated causes physical, mental or spiritual indigestion.

Dane Rudhyar

Safety Energy Locks 24, 25, 26

There are 26 Safety Energy Locks, on each side of the body. These are energy spheres the size of our palm. In the case of an animal, the size of their paw, hoof, etc. Safety Energy Locks are similar to circuit breakers, stopping the energy flow from reversing, separating, and stagnating. They also come into being with specific meaning and purpose.

A Jin Shin Jyutsu instructor described Safety Energy Locks as each one having a colour, shape, and sound – a vibration. The combination of Safety Energy Locks creates a vibe that is a depth.

Mary Burmeister, who brought Jin Shin Jyutsu to the US when she returned home, reminded us what a gift we have with our being, this “26-room mansion on wheels, computerized!”

In the 5th Depth, we have three Safety Energy Locks – 24, 25, and 26.

  • Safety Energy Lock 24 is the Peacemaker. Understanding, harmonizing chaos.
  • Safety Energy Lock 25 is the Lead General, with the power of regeneration.
  • Safety Energy Lock 26 is the Director. As the last Safety Energy Lock, it is the energy of complete. That which was, is, and ever will be.

Here in the fifth depth we also find the accumulation of all ailments. We can harmonize this depth in many ways, including the Heart and Small Intestine Function Energy flows which are regenerative and generative and holding our fingers or Safety Energy Locks. When we balance the 5th Depth, we are energizing the 4th Depth which corresponds with the Water element and the function energies of Bladder and Kidney. It also supports 1st Depth, Earth element and Spleen and Stomach Function Energies.

Self Help to Harmonize the Fifth Depth:

  • hold the little finger
  • harmonize Heart Function Energy – drape your left hand over your left shoulder, near the neck and hold the outside of your left wrist (pinky finger side) with your right hand. Switch sides. You can also help this energy by holding the bottom of your big toes or placing your hands on your bikini line – to wash ourselves with laughter. The Heart Function Energy is a chest flow and boosts our vital energy.
  • harmonize Small Intestine Function Energy – drape your left hand over your left shoulder, near the neck and place your right hand on the right third rib. Switch sides. The Small Intestine Function Energy is a finger flow which helps the physical body, including the reproductive system. Placing your hand on the third rib on either or both sides can also help this flow.
  • harmonize Safety Energy Locks 24, 25, and 26. SEL 24 – place your hand on top of your foot, below the ring and little toe; 25 – hold your sit bones or the middle finger; and 26 – wrap your hand around your armpit with your fingers touching the outside of your shoulder blade. Or the centre of the palm.

Jin Shin Jyutsu Instructor Muriel Carlton reminds us that Jin Shin Jyutsu facilitates the movement of energy so that we can see our consciousness on a higher level. We become more aware and harmonize who we think we are with who we truly are. In these times of change and seeming chaos, what a gift Jin Shin Jyutsu is. While many of us are trying to find a new normal, make meaning of what’s going on, and protect ourselves and our loved ones, we can begin or deepen our self-care practice with a few simple holds. Jin Shin Jyutsu helps balance our energy so that we can sit in our inner sanctum, trusting ourselves on all levels to respond and thrive.

This is the time we come together, despite “social distancing” protocols. While we may be physically apart, let us remember that social bonds and connections are essential to our well-being. Let us keep our hearts open and courageous, with the ability to discern the mammoth volume of information we are being bombarded with now. Let us stand united, as our true radiant selves, true to our inner power and authority.