How Prayers work, Gregg Braden Explains

In the November/December 2021 edition of Unity Magazine, Gregg Braden speaks about the science behind words and affirmation prayers.

In the article, he relays a story about his encounter with the abbot of a Tibetan monastery. Gregg Braden asked “When we see your prayers on the outside – the mantras, the bells, the gongs, and the incense – what are you doing on the inside of your body? What’s happening there for you?”

This is the abbot’s reply:

You’ve never seen our prayers. You’ve seen the things we do to create the feeling. The feeling is the prayer.”

The point is it isn’t the words themselves. It’s our connection with them, what they mean to us, and the feelings they evoke within us. We are also not separate from them, or any aspect of existence. In prayer, we are not bargaining, negotiating, or asking for favours. As Gregg Braden said, “we are recognizing that we can participate in the creation of the outcome, and that we’re actually a part of that outcome.”

Studies show that different emotions activate different cascades of biochemical processes in our bodies. This is the core of HeartMath technique – to elicit and feel a renewing emotion to influence DNA to enhance wellbeing and to bring more coherence to the systems of the body.

Gregg Braden explains creating coherence in three steps – “shift in the focus to the heart, a shift in breath, and a shift in emotion” which sends a 0.1hertz frequency from the heart to brain. 0.1hertz is also the geomagnetic field line resonance. So we are harmonizing brain, heart, and the planet.

Read an excerpt of Gregg Braden’s 2020 book, The Wisdom Codes.