How Deep Do We go? Chasing the Root of Dis-ease

In these intense times, our journey feels supercharged and we are called to release what is not aligned and step more fully and boldly into who we are. For many people, this means old symptoms, wounds, and traumas are surfacing for big work. Institutional healthcare and dis-ease concepts, self-care, and personal responsibility are all up for questioning.

How deep – how far – do we go to unravel the cause of what we are feeling?

Who’s right? Who’s got the science? Does science have all the answers? Do we have unfettered access to all studies and the training to understand? Are we doing enough?

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There are GPs, nutritionists, naturopathic physicians, naturopaths, chiropractors, homeopaths, energy workers… Have you heard of the Medical Medium (Anthony William, also Caroline Myss)? What about spiritual science of yoga and mantras? Or BioGeometry? Ancient traditions and natural remedies like Maya Medicine? New technology like quantum bioresonance, quantum mandalas, and PEMF? Have you tried energy medicine – chakra balancing, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Reiki, Family Constellation, aura clearing, space cleaning…everyone has their take on what sickness is. And how to fix “the problem”.

The word disease breaks down to dis-ease. Where in our body are we ill at ease? As ourselves? Where are we living against flow, hardened against grace and blessings? What are our beliefs around “things not working out” and “everything is working out and everything is a miracle”?

There is no judgment of where we choose to stop in our exploration into the root cause. Be easy with yourself and others. Reality is subjective so what’s true and what works for me may not be the same for you. We aren’t here to change minds. Open hearts, yes – starting with our own.

What’s been normalized has been done with displaced focus, perhaps engineered or not by the elite or forces beyond our mundane knowledge. Now that we are awakening we are becoming more present with what we feel to be true.

Or is this the human dilemma and the mind’s endless need to seek out reasons and solutions to things that take care of themselves when we let go and trust life? We are made for this.