Holistic Healing with Tachyon Energy

Tachyon has been inserted into literature, movies, and tv shows for quite a while. The word probably sounds familiar to you. As Robert Lea wrote for Space.com, “Tachyons are not just the stuff of science fiction.” In the 1967 paper Possibility of Faster-than-Light Particles, Gerald Feinberg theorized about tachyonic particles. Today people are using tachyonized materials for healing.

What is Tachyon Energy?

In Tachyon Energy, David Wagner and Gabriel Cousens write that Tachyon energy is the bridge. The gateway between zero-point energy and the energy fields that create matter and form. They define zero-point energy as the “virtual state” or the “unbounded perfect order”. It is the “vibrating universal subtle energy substratum” from which matter arises. Zero-point energy is omnipresent, formless, and unmanifested energy.

Some people explain zero-point energy as the ocean and Tachyon energy as a drop of the ocean. Faster than the speed of light, Tachyon energy is a contraction of zero-point energy. It energizes what Dr Cousens calls the Subtle Organizing Energy Field Matrix.

Subtle Organizing Energy Fields create and energize the form template of living systems. SOEF organization deteriorates and entropy occurs when the flow of Tachyon is deficient. This we see as aging, since cell replication, enzyme function, and other processes degrade. Food processing can also destroy SOEFs.

Experiments with Tachyonized Material

Kirlian photography has been used in experiments on Tachyonized materials. Kirlian photos show how the SOEFs of fruits, plants, and people increased after they were charged for twenty minutes using Tachyonized materials such as a silica disc and pendant. Other studies include their effects on DNA and brain balancing.

Because order and organization increase in the SOEF with Tachyonized materials, we have a powerful way to maintain our energetic continuum and enhance our health and well-being. “Tachyonized materials enhance and accelerate our potential to become superconductors of the cosmic energy.” (Wagner & Cousens 1999)

David Wagner’s Personal Story

After rupturing three lower lumbar disks and suffering from a nerve damaged from surgery, David Wagner became disabled. In his search to alleviate the pain and for healing, he invented Tachyonization™. This is a proprietary 14-day process that restructures natural materials to conduct Tachyon energy. They essentially become an antenna. He first placed these materials on his own body, When he began to experience pain relief, he continued to his testing over the next year. You can find additional information, products, and reviews at Advanced Tachyon Technologies. I ordered water and a couple of discs – stay tuned for an update. I’ve also been using the Amplified Tachyon and enjoy the well-being.

Attuning to zero-point energy has great potential for health, well-being, and the spiritual journey. We have access to technologies such as the Amplified Tachyon, Tachyonized materials, and meditation. We also have modalities such as Jin Shin Jyutsu. With these, we have a pathway, a bridge. The world is becoming increasing chaotic environment, due to more 5G and lab-produced foods. It is now even more urgent for all of us to focus on holistic and natural health. Friends, stay human and stay free.