Here’s Why Muscle Testing May Not Be Working For You

Google muscle testing and you get nearly 20 million search results.

Chiropractors use it and so do nutritionists and a variety of complementary health practitioners, for a variety of reasons.

Muscle Testing is a great tool to get answers that conventional tests don’t pick up but here’s the catch. Not everyone is doing it right and they may not know this one thing – polarity reversals may be causing inaccuracies and inconsistencies.

What is Muscles Testing?

Muscle testing can detect energetic blockages, food intolerances, compatibility with supplements, polarity reversals, areas of weakness in the body, and other imbalances. It tests a body’s response to a physical, chemical, emotional or mental stiumuli. It leverages on the innate wisdom of the body and the energetic information we hold, and gauges what is going on based on the responses of the muscle. It accesses the body’s interconnected systems, as well as the subconscious.

How to Muscle Test

The easiest way to muscle test is with someone else. Stand facing each other, or have the tester standing behind. The person being tested raises his/her arm to shoulder height, straight out, either to the side or in front. When the arm is straight out to the side, it is the lung meridian that is tested. When the arm is out in front and slightly less than perpendicular to the body, it is the central meridian. All of the body’s meridians intersect at the central meridian. Good results are possible with both.

The tester places their hand on the arm, near the wrist. Sometimes people like using only two fingers, because muscle testing does not require force. The tester can place their other hand on the other shoulder of the person being tested.

The person being tested will resist when the tester places pressure on the arm. At this point the practitioner is looking for a baseline for what the body’s response is to a true statement and a false statement. With a true statement, the body’s electrical system is unaffected and the arm remains “strong” and does not move. A false statement causes a “short circuit” and the energy flow is disrupted, causing the arm to fall.

A person is then asked a series of questions for the test, depending on the practitioner’s field and the purpose of the test. A person may be asked a few questions, recall an emotion or event, or the substance to be tested. The substance can be a supplement, and is placed in a jar or other containers which the person holds without direct contact. The practitioner, such as a chiropractor, may also point to specific points on the body to test for weaknesses.

Muscle testing is a great tool, though it should not be used alone, and be combined with other methods of testing. Applied Kinesiologists, for example, will check trigger points for weakness.

Kinesiology exposed…the intimate connection between mind and body, revealing that the mind “thinks” with the body itself. Therefore, it provided an avenue for the exploration of the ways consciousness reveals itself in the subtle mechanisms behind the disease process.

David R Hawkins, Power vs Force

Muscle testing is a wonderful way to find what weakens or strengthens the body. This includes what we would normally call an allergen, even if it does not show up on conventional blood tests. Justin Morais of Sports Acupuncture Clinic shares that after many sessions with a client on his Biocom bioresonance machine without the results he knew were possible, he had an inkling about the jade bangle this client wore. True enough, when tested, it was indeed this very beautiful and expensive piece of jewellery that was weakening her. Not what you would normally call an allergen! While Biocom is not muscle testing, this example illustrates that it is not only food we can be “allergic” to. Many things, other than the usual suspects of mould, gluten, sugar, and dairy, can weaken our body systems.

The Thing About Muscle Testing

While muscle testing is very useful, not everyone can be tested and not everyone can test.

That is correct. Not everyone can be tested all the time, and not everyone can test all the time.

David R Hawkins who has done millions of calibrations through muscle testing has written that approximately 10% of the population is not able to use this method for reasons unknown and that sometimes couples need a third person for objective results.

When two people are touching, they form one circuit and when one or both people’s energy, for example, is blocked, the answers are not reliable. The reason can be a polarity reversal, such as when the energy is not flowing in the right direction along the central meridian. There are a number of switches that can occur in the body or the body is simply dehydrated. Polarity reversals can also be due to excessive exposure to wifi, computers, fluorescent lights, stress, and even other people (and their energetic fields).

Some people suggest taking a few drops of chlorophyll in water to correct the reversal or holding a bottle of chlorophyll or spirulina while testing.

There is also a simple protocol that can be done before muscle testing, and on a daily basis for those chronically reversed.

Protocols for Reversals #1

  1. Place one hand on your belly button. Use the other hand to gently tap on top of your head for 10 seconds.
  2. While keeping your hand on your belly button, place your other hand over your face, with one finger above the lips and one finger below the lips. Gently rub above and below the lips at the same time. Alternatively this can be done in two steps – rub below the nose and then rub below the lips. Do so for 10 seconds.
  3. Still with your hand on your belly button, rub both your collar bone points located near the midline of the body for 10 seconds. You can do this using your thumb and index finger.
  4. With your hand still on your belly button, rub your tail bone for 10 seconds. Switch sides and repeat.

Protocols for Reversals #2

For some people, the reversals are due to a non-crossing over of energy in the body or what is called “homolateral.” Sometimes a child skips the crawling part of their development, when they learn to move with opposite limbs – front left with back right versus front left with back left. It can also be triggered by trapped emotions, or even ancestral and inherited patterns.

To help with this type of reversal, try marching in place, lifting one knee and tapping it with the opposite arm.

Another one to try is this.

  1. Sit in a chair and place your left ankle over the right.
  2. Extend your arms in front of you, with the backs of the hands facing each other.
  3. Clasp the hands with the right hand over the left.
  4. Bring the hands back toward you to rest them on your chest, bending at the elbows. Hold for a few minutes.

More on Polarity Reversals

If you feel out of sorts or chronically fatigued, have brain fog or migraines, are stressed out, or are finding that it is taking longer than usual to recover, your polarity may be reversed. When this happens, cellular electrical conduction is altered, affecting the body’s function on a fundamental level, compromising the immune system for example. Herbalist Keith Smith, who has worked extensively with this condition, has found that it underlies much of the illness we see, including Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Try the exercises described above to see if these conditions improve.

A polarity reversal has other implications. A polarity reversal can also mean resistance to healing and the person may self-sabotage efforts that align with their conscious intentions. Subconscious negative thoughts can both cause and perpetuate polarity reversals, according to Dr Roger Callahan, the man behind Thought Field Therapy.¹

Another way to improve the physical condition of the subject is doing what Dr John Diamond called the “thymus thump,” which helps to energize the thymus gland located at the top of the breastbone. Using a closed hand, thump this area while saying “ha-ha-ha” and recalling someone you love. And smile.

Other ways to improve or maintain accuracy, as suggested by David R Hawkins, include removing eyeglasses (especially the metal framed ones), hats, jewelry from the testing arms, and other possible substances that can elicit an adverse reaction on their own. The example he gave was perfume.

The questions should also be framed as not to confuse the results, such as using one sense over another as we all have a sensory preference to process information. Some people are more visual and others tactile. If testing a memory, naming a weaker sense to hold that memory may weaken the test.

polarity reversal and muscle testing

Muscle testing is a very useful and easy-to-do method for finding answers to yes-no questions. Sometimes in that process, what we find is that a person has a polarity reversal. This knowledge serves the purpose of understanding perhaps why energy work and other treatments are just not “sticking.”

Knowing that a polarity reversal exists can prevent unnecessary frustration, time and financial investment, and low morale when ernest efforts to heal are undertaken with little to show for. If you find that you are prone to polarity reversal, try the exercises described here on a daily basis and find a practitioner to help discover the underlying cause of chronic reversals.

When someone’s polarity is correct and they are grounded in their own identity, it also becomes easier to discern whether the person muscle testing them is actually able to. Because sometimes a person is not able to test!

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