How Healing the Past can Help Fertility Issues

Fertility is a problem. Worldwide, but especially in the industrialized countries. According to the CDC, 12% of women from 15 to 44 years of age have difficulties conceiving and carrying to term. As we know, both male and female factors exist and while this is true, the burden often falls on the woman to seek help. Why are we faced with these fertility issues? How can we enhance our fertility?

In The Ancestral Continuum: Unlock the Secrets of Who You Really Are, authors Natalia O’Sullivan and Nicola Graydon include an important section on healing fertility in the chapter Healing the Family Tree. They quoted Dr Christiane Northrup – “Women are almost never told how their family history, beliefs, and emotions affect their fertility. Knowing this information can be very empowering.”

When many fertility issues have unknown factors, it begs more exploration, especially in non-conventional avenues. Even if male and female factors such as low sperm motility and polycystic ovarian syndrome do exist for a couple, this does not preclude non-physical causes at the same time.

By looking into our past, at our mother’s, grandmother’s, great-grandmother’s experience of pregnancy, we can better understand our own reproductive obstacles and the forms that problems with fertility come in. We inherit much more than genetic code for eye colour. We inherit their fears and blocked energies. Were they scared? Did they want children? Did they lose their own mothers to childbirth? Did they suffer a miscarriage, abortion, or still birth? What were the circumstances and the environment in which they conceived and raised their children? There can be so much pain, regret, and shame around something as wondrous as conceiving a child.


woman in grey fertility issues
Fertility issues can also arise from conflicts with our mothers. Perhaps there was rejection or abandonment. In a patriarchal society, the feminine has been suppressed for far too long, with significant costs to us as individuals and to society. As the authors of The Ancestral Continuum point out, we can feel unsafe in this world and the mind/body blocks conception. Or sometimes we have an issue with receiving. Conception is a receptive act. To become and be pregnant, we are allowing ourselves to be vulnerable, to receive, to let go of control, and to be actively in the cycle of life and death.

Using Bach Flower Therapies for Fertility Issues

Star of Bethlehem is one of the Bach Flowers suggested by Dietmar Krämer, in New Bach Flower Therapies, for unresolved situations, emotional trauma, and physical shock. “It does not matter how long ago the shock occurred. Long-forgotten childhood shocks, the birth trauma, and even emotional trauma during the mother’s pregnancy can result in a range of disorders that become apparent only in a later stage of life.” Flower Essences Therapy is powerful and a consultation with a practitioner is advised.

We have also been indoctrinated by the media that childbirth is incredibly painful. Unbeknownst to many people, this natural process is made worse by the intervention approach that is common today. It’s any wonder not more women are simply scared out of it. According to the women I know, especially the ones who used hypnobirthing and assisted by midwives and doulas, it is about letting go. Rather than pushing, it is breathing, surging, and opening.

No matter what your journey is to having a child, it necessarily includes facing our emotions and fears and dealing with our concept of masculinity and femininity. This work is not only for women but for men as well. The more we release our baggage, including what we have inherited, the lighter the load we pass onto our children. Understanding better our own emotions also allows us to have a deeper appreciation of ourselves and others. This preps us for the transformative role of being parents, effectively models for our children.

In 2013 What Therapy hosted a day event with speakers from a variety of disciplines to share different perspectives on dealing with fertility challenges. The panel included energy practitioners, a detox specialist, a hypnotherapist/fertility coach, and a yoga therapist.

The overarching message is that many modalities and programs are available to enhance a person’s fertility. These approaches help clear and “clean up” a person’s past and present for a healthier future for themselves and their children. Because we pass on genes, traumas, telomere conditions, and toxic load to children, the more we heal our past the more we can help our children be healthier, happier, and productive citizens of the world.

Some of the key points from the event included :

  • Detoxing the body, mind, and home prior to trying to conceive
  • Working on the cellular level to improve communications and functions of the body, including releasing information of past miscarriages
  • Using relaxation techniques to release stress
  • Releasing energetic blockages with Jin Shin Jyutsu, and understanding and dissolving deeper non-physical blocks.
  • Understanding fertility is linked to lunar cycles so an astrology reading can be helpful.

For anyone who’s been on the fertility-assisted route, from coaching to IVF, becoming and staying pregnant can be an arduous road. Sometimes fertility problems stem from compromised biological mechanical functions such as low sperm count or fibroids. Sometimes fertility issues are more energetic. There are so many ways to boost male and female fertility, from diet and detox to clearing ancestral lineage, that we can be rather optimistic.