Happiness Is Talk with Julie Ann and Thom Bush

An Evening with Hypnotherapist Thom Bush and Meditation Teacher Julie Ann

Happiness is

Talk with Hypnotherapist Thom Bush and Meditation Teacher Julie Ann

June 18 2013
7.OO – 9.OOpm
at The Reiki Centre `
42A Joo Chia Road

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As Thom said, happiness is not the opposite of what you do not want. The absence of what is causing you stress is not necessarily happiness. We may think we will be happy not having that crabby and demanding boss. Or if our in-laws would just stop criticizing us. If we are honest with ourselves, we know we still won’t be happy. At least not in any meaningful sustainable way.

So what is happiness? What is happiness for you?

We call it “the pursuit of happiness”.  While many people believe it is not a destination but journey, many are just chasing after the idea of it, rather than living it.

Hypnotherapist Thom Bush and Meditation Teacher Julie Ann will speak about the definitions of happiness, the common barriers to being happy, and the ways we can increase the happiness quotient in our life.

Join us for an evening of conversation and #foodforthought and let’s explore what is happiness for you.

Thom Bush Hypnotherapy Happiness Is Talk

Thom Bush is a Singapore-based clinical hypnotherapist with more than 16 years of experience. The basic tenets of his work and life are compassion, empathy, honesty, diligence, appreciation, and integrity. He specializes in anxiety disorders and is available for a free consultation. www.trans4mationaltherapy.com

Julie Ann

Julie Ann is an Australian who calls Singapore home. She is an energy therapy practitioner, writer, and Spiritual Coach. She facilitates a variety of workshops, including her own Law of Attraction based “Creating Your Best Life” as well as hosting a monthly meditation event. www.JulieAnn.co

The Reiki Centre

The Reiki Centre was founded by Reiki Master Elaine Grundy and specializes in teaching Usui Reiki, an energy therapy originating from Japan in the early 1900s, developed by Mikao Usui. www.reikicentre.com.sg