Grounding with Spleen

The Spleen is an important organ for our health. In western medicine, its removal can potential mean a person is more susceptible to infections. In Jin Shin Jyutsu, which has roots in Japanese and Chinese medicine, the Spleen plays more than a physical role and address more than our physiology. Associated with the Earth element, the Spleen and Spleen Function Energy correlate with being grounded and vitality of the body, as well as immunity and digestion. When out of balance, we may experience anxiety and worry.

Even without a Spleen, balancing this energy can support it. The easiest is holding the thumb of either or both hands. This also supports the Stomach Function Energy. If you struggle with digestion, energy level, immunity, anxiety, or worry, perhaps one or both of these energies are out of balance. Food is our biggest and earliest conditioning force and so it is unsurprising that so many people have digestive challenges and worry about what to eat. If you want to explore another approach to how to take in food (and information), check out this article from the Human Design lens.

Each of the 12 aspects of organ function energy is active during a two-hour period each day. For the Spleen it is from ten o’clock in the morning to noon time. Perhaps this time of the day is low in energy for you? Balancing the Spleen Energy can also have a positive impact at the end of the summer and in between the seasons.

(If you are struggling with depression, please reach out to someone. Depression is a complex and nuance chemistry that requires more information than offered in this article.)


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