Gate 51 & the Gall Bladder

In Human Design, Gate 51 is the Gall Bladder. This Gate is part of the Heart Centre which is about willpower, the ego, and the material world. The Gall Bladder is about analyzing and is involved in digesting food and life. Some experiences and events require more resources to digest than available in the moment. We can feel trapped, and perhaps questioning of self-worth. People with an open or undefined Heart Centre may struggle with self-worth. Yet no one needs to prove their worth.

Here we explore and contemplate how Gate 51 relates to the Gall Bladder, self-worth, and trusting life.

Human Design

Gate 51 is the Gate of Shock and people with this Gate has shocking experiences that initiate them onto the path to the Love of Spirit. They are built to be shocked and depending on their planetary placements, they may even enjoying shocking others. They are here to shock others to connect with their spirit.

The positive side of shock is that it shakes us up, into action, into change. When we resist change that is necessary, we may become bitter. This is the emotion of the Gall Bladder. Gall Stones – the accumulation of condemnations, bitterness, and resentment. They also have to do with not letting go and not forgiving.

With Gate 51 being part of the Heart Centre and connected with the Thymus, some people, feeling trapped by their powerful emotions and perspectives, may strive to please others. This is the attitude related to the Heart energy function, according to Jin Shin Jyutsu. If this resonates, see how holding your pinkie finger for a few minutes daily feels.

You can also explore Ho’oponopono, the prayer for forgiveness. The four statements are “I am Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You, and I Love You.”

I also love placing the words “Love & Gratitude” on my water. Place your glass of water on a piece of paper with these words. Or tape them to your water jug, with the words facing in. You can also speak these words to send their vibrations to your DNA.


The 51st Hexagram is The Arousing, Thunder over Thunder. This repeated thunder brings shock. The initial fright eventually leads us to look within our hearts, and any resistance to the divine, to Heaven on Earth. When we know our heart, and move through life with joy and love, the external can no longer send tremors through us. When we are one with our spirit, and multidimensional selves, we are the calm in any storm, even if everyone else is terrified within 100 miles of the thunder.

If you choose to survive, you will be ready for the joy and abundance that you have called for. It is not greed, it is survival, and not outside yourself, it is yourself. This force is what spirit guides and external teachers use for voice—representatives of that place of clear intuition within us that can stay calm and on center even as thunderous events come to ignite fear, doubt and pain. Staying in your center is the task at hand—nothing more, nothing less.⠀⠀

Bobby Klein

Gene Keys

The three frequencies of the 51st Gene Key are Agitation, Initiative, and Awakening. The underlying energy of this Gene Key at its low frequencies is competitiveness. This agitation, this feeling that life is beyond our control, leaves the collective insecure. As with all shadow frequencies, this one reflects a lack of trust in life. On the cellular level.

The question is how do you channel this powerful energy?

Do you turn inward, afraid of life, all the while resenting others, and yourself? Do you expend tremendous energy to suppress this rage storming through you?

Or do you take this as an initiative, to take a leap through the portal of the 51st Gene Key? Into your Higher Self? The 51st Gene Key/Gate is part of the Mystical Path.

Depending on our birth time, we may or may not have the 51st Gene Key/Gate activated. However, we can all experience this when the Sun, for example, is in this Gate. The next time the Sun moves into Gate 51 is April 5 2021. As 70% of the neutrinos that condition come from the Sun, this is a potent energy.

Adding to this, it is still Spring, which is Liver-Gall Bladder season. What a potent time to consciously deal with any resentment and bitterness that may arise. It’s a practice and a process to begin to trust life once again. How are you loving life now?