Genius to Freak – Potential mutation For the collective

Life moves through mutation. There are some ideas and actions that bring great change to humanity.

…one of the basic truth of what life is: it is an ongoing mutative process, it is a creative process. And that nothing within us is free of the risk of being mutated, that there is no place within us ultimately where we can really be secure, because in the end there is nothing than this primal force driving us into the future.

Ra Uru Hu

This week, the Sun activates Gate 23 and with the Earth in Gate 43 we have the Channel of Structuring in play for the collective. This channel connects the Ajna and Throat centres, giving expression to the individual mind. Concepts are restructured and shared through perspectives of the individual mind, to improve efficiency for the collective and to transform the old into new.

Genius to Freak is another name for this channel.

Let’s step back a moment.

As mentioned this is the expression of the individual mind. By individual, I mean a person who has channels in the individual circuitry. We get mutation through the individual, a person with individual gates and channels.

Mutation is new ideas, ideas that can dismantle the foundation of the old. Of old bargains, contracts, and the way the tribe functions. As you can imagine, mutative ideas are not usually received with gusto by the tribe, which views outsiders as suspicious and even dangerous. A freak, some may call them. Sometimes people are receptive and the individual is hailed as a genius.

This week, this channel is activated for everyone as it is a solar transit.

I invite you to observe how you conceptualize and communicate ideas.

It’ll be an interesting week. Firstly, less than 30% of the population has an undefined Throat Centre and this week they will have this centre defined. An undefined centre means energy does not consistently flow into it. In this case, they don’t always have the energy to express. How will this 30% of people experience this transit? How will those with a defined Throat Centre experience Gate 23 which they may not have defined otherwise?

Gate 23 – Gate of Assimilation, The Elimination of Intolerance. From the International Human Design School – “Amorality. The awareness and understanding which leads to the acceptance of diversity. A unique insight opens the door to mutation.”

Secondly, the Channel of Structuring is a projected channel. This means for an idea to have an impact, the sharing needs to be by invite. The audience needs to be ready. Far too often, we offer advice, ideas, and expression uninvited or responding from our inner authority. You may experience resistance such as frustration, anger, and bitterness.

With the Channel of Structuring activated for the collective, what insights will show up? What mutative ideas will change the world?