Feeling Good on the Plane and Afterwards

More than 2 million people fly in and out of American airports1. Every. Day.

That’s a lot of people travelling.

For many, air travel is stressful, and not just during the holiday season or in bad weather.

Here are our tips to stay sane and zen on those long-haul flights or even short hops, as well as feeling good and refreshed once you land:

1  Eat Lightly

Order a special meal and eat lightly.

(Bonus of pre-ordering a meal? You usually get your meals before everyone else so you can get to sleep early on those long-haul flight.)

An Indian vegetarian meal on Singapore Airways is always a good choice, or the Raw Meal on Bangkok Airways.

Consider bringing your own snacks, like almonds.

2 Hydrate

Hydration is so important it’s worth mentioning separately.

Cabin air is dry and drinking extra water is a must.  Keep alcohol, coffee, and soft drinks to a minimum. Remember not to drink from the tap or consider a water bottle with an effective filter.

For long haul flights, start your hydration the day before. To make it easier, buy your own bottle of water after security check. Be sure to recycle your bottles at your destination.

Bring a beautiful facial mist to keep your face supple. Or apply a rejuvenating mask.

Here’s more on why hydration is key to good health.

3  Relax

Bring some essential oils onboard. The bottles are small enough to fit into the liquids law regulatory size bags.

Dab pure essential oils such as lavender, frankincense or grapefruit on your pillow or scarf to calm senses.

They are also anti-bacterial and anti-viral, decreasing your chances of picking up any nasties.

4  Stretch

If possible, get an aisle seat so that walking and stretching is that much easier. Talk a walk, if possible, every hour to stretch the knee joints.

If you are flexible, try lifting up your knees while seated, or attempt a cross-legged pose to elevate legs and keep circulation going.

Many airlines now show simple exercises in their welcome video – try them.

5  Homeopathics

NASA estimates the human body needs a full day to recover from each one hour in time difference.

A product called Jet Ease is the craze among Road Warriors. Take a tablet upon departure and at frequent intervals during the flight. Jet Ease contains homeopathic remedies including Arnica, Bellis Perenis, and Camomile.

Jet Ease is available at health food shops.

6 Natural Sunlight

Sunlight helps reset our internal clock or the circadian rhythm which is set from the 24 hour cycle of sunlight and darkness. Set your watch to the destination time and mentally prepare for the change and once on the plane, manage your activities according to this new time zone. This means sleep when it is night time and stay up when it is daytime at your destination. Simulate darkness by using an eye mask and turn on the reading light to simulate sunlight.

If it is still light upon arrival, stay outdoors and try to take a good walk first thing in the morning to insert yourself into the local time. Getting grounded and syncing up with the local circadian rhythms helps with jet lag. Try Earthing products if going barefoot on the earth doesn’t work at your destination.

Consider taking some melatonin to assist in sleeping to get the body on track.


1 Statistics per FAA [link]

[Updated: July 2018]