Encounters with Lucy Cavendish

It was such a treat hanging out with the gorgeous Lucy Cavendish. I first “met” her through her oracle cards. I met her in person when she was in Singapore for readings and workshops.  Even if you are not a believer of the elementals – fairies, mermaids, dragons, there is a lot of wisdom to be gleamed from this strong gentle-hearted wild-haired woman.

If you don’t know Lucy Cavendish, she is a published author, creator of several oracle decks and meditation CDs, writer, teacher…a magickal being who connects deeply with indigenous wisdoms and traditions. She studies with teachers worldwide, including shamans in the Okinawa. She is a storyteller and a spell caster. She also surfs.

Lucy Cavendish is also an environmentalist, which makes sense when you are attuned to and work with the elementals.


You can’t clear something from the natural environment, without clearing something from within.

Lucy Cavendish


Pesticides, plastics, and garbage not only sully the landscape and our environment, but all beings. We are changing the energetics of our surroundings when we litter, when we pollute, or when we walk past garbage, leaving it for someone else to clear it.

Our outer world reflects our inner world. A cluttered home is a cluttered mind. What is it saying about our inner selves when our outward reality is full of styrofoam, GMO, and dog poop? How much love and self-love are you truly radiating?

Next time, when you see a piece of garbage, why not pick it up and drop it off at a garbage bin? With a full and open heart, without begrudging the one who befouled the streets. Even one piece will make a difference. And every piece you pick up, every step in this direction, is an announcement to the universe and a way of raising the vibrations of your community and beyond.

Everything makes a difference. Everyone makes a difference.

Of course as Lucy Cavendish points out if we are living with 100% integrity, we would be living off the land, growing everything, making everything ourselves. Living off the grid however is not a reality for most people at this time.

We do what we can. We make decisions as congruent and aligned as possible. If you are an animal lover, do you wear fur? Do you buy ivory? Do you support businesses that you know are linked with dolphin captivity? Do you unknowingly make choices that support this mentality?

In all of this, we have lost our wildness, our ability to say no. No, I shall not be trespassed. I am sovereign. No, I will not squeeze my roundness/squareness into a square/round hole.

How do we reclaim that part of our being?

(Re)connect with nature – grow plants, walk barefoot on the earth, make things with our own hands, listen to the messages of the insects, flowers, animals, wind, see the power in ourselves as in nature, sit with the trees, swim with the wild dolphins, and remember the lightness as well as the raw sensuality. And question.

Nature shows us how we can heal so let’s get our hands dirty, throw our hair down, and let our wildness come out to play. Celebrate life. Live it.

“Ask the wild bee what the Druid knows.” – an old saying from the British Isles

We love fairytales because they are magic and call to that part of us that remembers magic. Look to them for hidden clues and wisdoms. Look at the mermaid who combs her hair and looks into the mirror as how we can clear our aura and look into our soul. There is power in these tales, myths, and folklore, and in empowering women especially.

There is a song and a message everywhere if we open up to it. We also have our own song and message. Never like the Little Mermaid give up your voice (your identity) and again like the Little Mermaid, watch what you sacrifice – some are too great. Read the original stories, not the Disney-fied versions.

The thing about Lucy Cavendish is that she is practical. She is with the “good folk” or what the faery were once called and all Goddess-y. She believes in the marriage of the feminine and masculine, of intention and action. We can read and meditate up to a point, but then we have to take action, and live that truth.

And the saying “go with the flow”?

For her “only dead fish go with the flow”. Look at nature, in how lions hunt, how salmon jump upstream, or how the butterfly painfully emerges from a soupy existence. Nature is wild. Some resistance is productive. The “right” resistance.  The key is to know what we are resisting and if the current is taking us in the direction we desire.

In all her teachings, she is about empowerment, and reminding people that it is within them. The messages come through them, not her. For most people, this means letting go of the left-brained way of being and moving more into the right-brained. We are far too left-brained in this society which rewards it.

Stereotypes need to be broken. What we think is right and wrong. This narrow paradigm literally squeezes out possibilities and other beings out of our reality.

Yes, you don’t have to believe in the faeries, mermaids, elves, dragons to live a more expansive life. Please do remember we are not the only beings. Nature is alive. Respect it.