Dream Big

Dream big is the message for 2022.

As the Sun moves into Gate 41, this is exactly the energy, and available for everyone.

Gate 41 is connected to the start codon, and initiates the human experiential way. This is hunger to experience new feelings and the desire to connect with others.

Gate 41 drives us toward satisfying our desires and fulfilling our destiny, both of which rest in the hands of the fates (Gate 30). We may bring balance to this unfocused and often confusing restlessness by writing or daydreaming about what it might be like to fulfill our wildest desires, or by vicariously experiencing them through literature and movies. Gate 41 holds the potential for all human experiences, but releases or initiates only one at a time. This its limitation, and ours. Each new experience that we enter into through our Strategy and Authority holds a promise that a new feeling awaits discovery. By letting go of expectations, we can move freely through each encounter and avoid becoming pessimistic about future ones.

Daily View

Gate 41 is about maximizing potential from the limitation of resources. This is focusing on one dream and not being distracted by everything else. So use your imagination and be selective of where the energy is released. This is the fuel to have your dreams come true, following the energy that takes you to their direction. We hone in on our dream over time, with greater clarity and increasing anticipation. During this time, we separate dreams from flights of fancies and fantasies.

From Fantasy to Emanation – The Way of Anticipation

Both Gene Keys and Human Design Gates are based on the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching. Here we will look at the 41st Gene Key.

Each of the 64 Gene Keys is a spectrum of shadow, gift, and siddhi. The shadow is the root of human suffering while the gift is a latent energy locked within our DNA that’s released through awareness and acceptance of the shadow. The siddhi arrives when the shadow is dissolved by light and the 64 siddhis are expressions of Divine Realization. [link to the GK Glossary]

The three frequency bands of the 41st Gene Key are: Fantasy, Anticipation, and Emanation.

Shadow of Fantasy

The 41st Shadow is “our attachment to our mind’s eye of the future. The Dilemma is Planning, in that we plan things in our heads in a certain way” as shared by Richard Rudd in The 64 Ways. Another aspect of this shadow is the hope we pin on our lives getting better when our fantasies become reality. Like something is missing now or that life isn’t fulfilling or we are not enough. This keeps us pulled to the past or future, rather than the present.

An interesting thing to note is that connected to GK 41 is GK 31, which has a theme of leadership. How much of our leadership is rooted in fantasy, in false hope, with the people believing in their empty promises? Our leadership, though, reflects the level of collective consciousness. A point to ponder, especially if we become aggravated by these questions. As our awareness grows, truly inspired and inspiring leaders will rise up.

So dreaming and dreaming big requires us to use our imagination and creativity while letting go of it, of the plan, of the mind’s idea of how that will unfold. Unlocking the deepest yearnings that reside in our fantasies and dreams also brings clarity and alignment.

We are currently in the global cycle with the background frequency of Cross of Planning. We will be moving out of this energy in 2027 and we are already seeing glimpses and evidence of this as the institutions built in this past cycle continue to crumble. While planning had its place, we’re here to learn to let go, and trust not our mind and the need to be strategic to survive. So go on, dream, dream big. Release your attachments to how it will manifest. Trust that we will be drawn to our destiny.

Gift of Anticipation

Richard Rudd calls this “a particularly special Gift… being attuned to the next evolutionary energetic grid that is waiting to descend into form.” (The Gene Keys). People experience “a sudden surge of frequency through a shock or through being in a particular place with a very strong morphogenetic field” and “when you are able to maintain a high frequency through this 41st Gift, you will be able to literally download all manner of beautiful things from the morphogenetic field.” As someone with this GK and a partner with it, I have experienced this. It is rather awe-inspiring. So we can use fantasy as a fuel, in our alchemical process of dream-making. Isn’t it your experience that when your dreams “come true” they are even more magnificent than you imagined them to be?

Siddhi of Emanation

In Kabbalah, “in a nutshell, the doctrine of emanation points towards fractal model of the universe in which everything emerges infinitely as a mirror image of itself. The ultimate source represents the unnameable, inconceivable, limitless light from which all else emanates.” This siddhi is what underlies all siddhis, this code that triggers enlightenment and evolution. What are the triggers? We don’t know. No amount of planning, effort, or intention guarantees it. It happens when it happens. Also in this state, the pressure or the belief in evolution dissolves. It’s always been there. The great delicious paradox of siddhis!

The I Ching counsels a withdrawal into stillness now. The image is that of a spring reversing to the inside of the mountain during a time of drought. By returning to is quiet centre during the time of decrease, it avoids evaporating and exhausting itself in vain.

41, Sun/Decrease (Brian Browne Walker translation)

Contemplation Prompts

  • are your dreams fantasies of escape?
  • are you addicted to your inner world?
  • what are your deep fears that make relationships terrifying?
  • do you experience burnout?
  • do you dream big? If not, what scares you about it?
  • what are your beliefs about prosperity, reality, life, and destiny?
  • what terrifies you most about failing?

Gently hold these enquiries in your mind and allow insights to come to you in their own rhythm. 2022 is a 6 year, a time for balancing. After so much contraction over the past two years, are you ready to dream, dream big?