Dr Gene Ang on Arcturian Consciousness, Healing, and Direct Connection

A Yale-trained neurobiologist, Dr Gene Ang is the creator of the Arcturian Healing Method.  With a deep interest in healing and spirituality, after his post-doctorate fellowship, he transitioned into energy healing. He undertook trainings and self-directed “internships” to learn various methods, including with Eric Pearl and Reconnection, Stephen Greer who trains people to do extraterrestrial contact at sacred sites, and three years at the Foundation for Shamanic Studies.  In 2012, after seven years of exploration, Dr Gene Ang began teaching the Arcturian Healing Method.


What is your connection to the Arcturians?


I got some intuitive sense, almost like a voice, my intuitive voice saying that I was Arcturian. That was  surprising because I did not remember where I had heard that word. I traced it back that I had read it in a book, before I started my PhD. A book by Joshua David Stone talking about different awakened star being families. I wasn’t interested in that at the time so it went right into my subconscious. Seven years after I got that intuitive hit, between 2005 and 2012, I was just exploring that connection on my own.

Arcturians are high dimensional beings connected to the star Arcturus.  Dr Gene Ang explains that, “as spiritual beings, Arcturians have this speciality or focus on healing technologies. Arcturian energies themselves have a solidity in their quality, which may be inside those people too.”


What are some of the keystones of your journey to this work with the Arcturians?


I got a lot out of Reconnection, Eric Pearl’s work. That was a big one for consciousness framework, opening up my system to new realities and new energies, to go into energy healing and even more so to go into star being work. That expanded my consciousness and it’s probably still effecting me now. It was one of the things that opened me up because I was definitely coming from that scientific materialistic model, in terms of daily training and what I was exposed to.

And then this idea that you can develop your own subtle body to perceive spiritual reality and that you can develop your third eye – that came out of the training with Robert Gilbert and Samuel Sagan.  I still use a lot of those techniques and I weave some of these ideas into the trainings in the Arcturian Healing Method.


What is this Arcturian-inspired technology you teach?


It’s a very gentle system. It doesn’t force people to approach something they are not ready to approach. Because it’s frequency-based and the facilitator is holding and observing the frequencies, the trust is that the person’s higher self will set up a situation, when the person is ready, to allow that person to let go, forgive, or whatever has to transpire.

About the Arcturian Healing Method

The Arcturian Healing Method currently has 7 levels, with the 8th recently coming online. Each sequential level is a progressive upgrading of a student’s energy field. The student is first attuned to the Arcturian Healing Light in Level I, then receive galactic encodings such as the Arcturian Blueprint Activation in Level II, before building the Arcturian Platform in Level III and learning higher vibrational tools such as Entity Removal, Arcturian Etheric Acupuncture, and Arcturian Scalar Wave. “At each level, there are some new stated frequencies. It’s almost identifying and delineating various frequencies, which have various functions.”

Dr Gene Ang explains that “when people get attuned to the healing energy, they are facilitating those frequencies directly from God or source, through the Arcturian consciousness so they are making a link directly. “

“Because it is transmission-based, students are getting more and more exposed to an intense time with this energy, holding a little more light or ability to hold higher frequencies from that particular bandwidth.“

While a student learns to progressively transmit higher frequencies, a person can receive any of the frequencies of any the levels during a healing session.  There is no doing or any prerequisite, except being open to it.

“Someone could be blocking it. Someone could go, ‘well, I just heard the description and I don’t want to receive that at the moment’ and they can just make that intention and they wouldn’t receive. “

As these are subtle energies, people may not yet have the awareness or the ability to sense the energy.  The healing session would still have an effect. Dr Ang explains that the frequencies in one session bring in a lot of packed information and it could unpack over time. Even with that one session, that information could be working with the person over a long time.

What is an Activation?

He refers to the metaphor Mikio Sankey, Ph.D., L.Ac. used in his books on Esoteric Acupuncture. An activation is providing the number combination for the padlock that is a person in this metaphor. The padlock is now unlocked, waiting for the conditions to be present for the lock to actually open, taking the person to the next level. This explains why nothing may seem to be happening after a session, even when a person is open to it and perhaps feeling the subtle energy. “It’s up to a person’s field to when that lock will be pulled down and opened, and expressed in their life. At least you’ve set the stage.”

On Space-Time & Our Constructs

We also spoke about how “this space-time we are in is a construct of our consciousness.” Other healers and teachers such as Caroline Myss have also talked about healing being instantaneous, while its expression may take time. “If you realize that [time-space] can be fluid, these quantum scientific models help us break through this idea that things have to take a certain amount of time for an effect to occur.  We are exchanging energy and information instantaneously. Healing could be instantaneous if you use that model. This would allow for possibilities for faster healing technologies.”

Caroline Myss talks about weight and wait. Our weight comes from the heaviness of beliefs that we hold about how things should be. It could be how we feel about forgiveness that prevents us from forgiving ourselves and others. These beliefs create a timeline and so what we desire and how we wish for it to manifest are not instantaneous. This also speaks to the Buddhist concept of non-attachment.

On Teaching the Arcturian Healing Method

Based in California, Dr Gene Ang now travels overseas to Switzerland, Singapore, and China to teach the Arcturian Healing Method. He sees this as a clarion call, reminding people that they are their own direct link. He is not a middle man. He’s creating and holding space.

“The availability to make connections, not only with the Arcturians and all spiritual types of beings, is much more available now. People are more in this 5th dimensional consciousness.” In his travels, he’s found that “everyone is dealing with the same issues and is open to the spiritual world. They are also open to spiritual and star-related spiritual beings and are already well-versed and well-connected.”

Dr Gene Ang Arcturian Healing Method Environmental clearing photo by bailey-zindel

I asked about his viewpoint about the suffering, poverty … these global scale experiences. “One thing I’ve noticed going to different places in the world is that it’s given me the opportunity to connect with the Arcturian consciousness and ask why. It’s little bit like setting a resonance tuner, on an environmental level. You can do a karmic clearing for an individual and when you hold a larger scale event, it’s also doing a healing on the environment. There may be deep karmic influences, from WWII. I think that’s also a reason the classes are being held around the world.”

Seeing all that is transpiring on the materialist level in our world, could we help make a positive difference by clearing the land and the environment? People and land are interconnected and we reflect the land’s consciousness and memories. Something to ponder, perhaps.

The Arcturian Healing Method certainly has techniques if this is the work you are called to do. First presented in Level I as a tool for individual healing, The Arcturian Healing vortex is also an advanced technique that can be used for environmental clearing. This “spiritual light opens from the inner world and radiates out into the environment.”

Dr Gene Ang is also travelling to certain energetic places where some people who channel high dimensional beings have made connections. In 2018, while at the Matterhorn, he and his group had a very prominent sighting of starships. He also led a retreat at Lake Constance in Germany, where David Miller shares is an astral platform.

As we move into higher dimensional consciousness, I asked him about his thoughts on navigating through the landscape and acquiring new tools.

“People may feel apprehensive because it’s new. I think that’s a good attitude to have, being discriminating. I think that’s what we need to develop, our spiritual perception. Because there is so much being offered now in the spiritual marketplace so to speak, you have to discern what’s actually beneficial to you. You have to evaluate from a spiritual perspective, on a more clairvoyant level. So it’s also good to develop your sensing abilities, to sense the claims people are making.”

Some specific techniques he recommended to start with include trusting our internal voice, which “was almost trained out of us.”

“Someone may look at an ad for the Arcturian Healing Method, they may or may not feel a resonance. They may feel comfortable, interested, or excited. They could then test that out. Maybe listen to an interview and see what how they feel. That’s a piece of information. It’s a process. An experimental process, where you are gathering experience. So when I did trust myself, this was the result. When I didn’t, this was the result. That’s the practice.”

This piece – trusting oneself – was what Dr Gene Ang himself needed for his spiritual path. “I’ve learned a lot from Robert Gilbert and Samuel Sagan, developing the third eye to discern subtle vibrations, knowing your particular spiritual purpose, developing the energy field.”  This “subtle body building” – coined by Samuel Sagan- is “spending five to ten minutes or however long your meditation is and keeping your awareness on your third eye. You are chiselling this eye that can see into the etheric world or the astral plane.”


How has this changed your life, doing what you call a “divine job”?


I’m seeing it deepening into my system. Just being in the energy I find it easier to hold transmissions compared to the first two years. It’s been subtle but I do feel now that I’m not plugged into an electrical circuit.

I think a large aspect in the Arcturian consciousness is a world service focus. So still being in the world and working with what are people’s real experiences, what the world needs, without moving into what the Rosicrucian model terms as Luciferian – being in other reality without being present here. If someone cuts me off, I take that as a chance to practice equanimity. I have that Buddhist exposure. I’m just using that model but it could be another model, perhaps a past life interest.

As we shift from 3D to 5D dimension, the old paradigm is dissolving. These are exciting times, times we were born for. It can be overwhelming and even terrifying as what Tom Kenyon calls perpetual markers also disappear. If you feel it is time to awaken your yourself, reclaim your own sovereignty, and activate your own Divine Blueprint, sit in silence and listen. Is this connection to Dr Gene Ang, the Arcturians, or the Arcturian Healing Method is for you? “You don’t have to feel like you are Arcturian. You could just be interested in your own self development or to develop your own healing abilities.”

Dr Gene Ang is returning to Singapore February/March 2019 for the second time to teach the Arcturian Healing Method and to offer healing sessions. His next visit is scheduled for October/November 2019. Full details here.