Do you feel out of whack? 36 Ideas to Come into Alignment

Maybe it’s the intense energy after the eclipse earlier this week. Maybe it’s the quickening towards 2020. If you are feeling out of whack, you aren’t alone. If you think the world is out of whack, you aren’t thinking this all by yourself. What is going on? How do we find alignment?

The truth is we are off balance. Our yang is way overstimulated and way too activated.

Let’s Talk about Yin and Yang

What’s yang? It is the masculine principle (nothing to do with gender here!), doing, the outside, dynamic, creative, outward, hot, bright, the sun, fire, daytime …. Summer is a yang season.

Yin is the feminine principle (again, nothing to do with gender), being, the inside, slow, nourishing, inward, receptive, cool, dark, the moon, water, nighttime. Winter is the yin season.

Yang is sky and yin is earth. Yang is also electric and yin magnetic. By the way the brain is electric and the heart is magnetic.

Wellbeing comes from a balance of these energies.  It’s through what we eat, how we feel, the structures in our lives and in the world. It’s living in alignment with highest expression of who we are.

Nassim Haramein talks about how yin and yang represents the structure of quantum vacuum, of what space actually is. Above is an animation of the Yin Yang symbol.

When Yin and Yang are out of Balance

It’s easy to see how yang has been dominant. What gets our attention in the world? How do we define success and failure? Are we in nature, with the earth? Or are we mostly with our electronic gadgets? 

Remember also that the brain is electric and the heart is magnetic. In the world today, we mostly prioritize brain intelligence over heart intelligence, don’t we? 

When yang increases, yin decreases. They are two aspects of unity and harmony, neither one better nor worse, neither one good nor bad. Yin and yang are ever-flowing, eternally in-flux. Life is change and life is relationships, so beautifully illustrated and personified by the famous Taiji symbol of yin and yang.

I was listening to stone medicine woman and acupuncture practitioner Sarah E Thomas and she reminded us that we need yin as a container for yang.

We have all this outward movement, this externalization. Do we have a balancing inwardness?

This imbalance is pretty clear with the quick reactionary outrage and outpouring following some high profile events. Without knowing the full story, everyone jumped to conclusions from one image. Yes, that image. The story is complex and nuanced. People are complex and nuanced.

News coverage of the original story and then of the fuller video, as the industry wheels churn, I wonder where all the rage and hate are actually coming from? Why do we feel we must defend what we’ve aligned with? And sling such venom at “the other side”?

This is what happens when we don’t have a container. This does not mean we contain our emotions. No! It means we can tap into a space, a groundedness, to look beyond our immediate judgements and biases. To look beyond the game they want us to play, pitting us vs. them. Simplifying the story and labelling people as demon and angel, victim and perpetrator, the hero and saviour, eases the malaise of cognitive dissonance. We have a tendency to seek consistency in our beliefs, which largely remain dualistic in nature.

It also makes it easy to perpetuate the wounds and prejudices we have yet to heal. Especially when we don’t question our beliefs, assumptions, and our fundamental view of the world.

We are no longer naive to #falsenews and the lack of journalistic integrity these days. Yet, we fall victim to it. And then we get pissed about it. Do we take responsibility or do we lay blame? How are we complicit in how the way things are? Every time we share a negative story on Facebook, jump on the complaining bandwagon, and gossip, we are sending energy to it.

Stabilizing in New Energies

Something even bigger is afoot.

You may have heard that we have moved into 5D? 3D and 5D realities are separating. While we’ve been in the new energies for a while, many of us are still finding our footing because well, everything is different. We may be hanging onto the tools, practices, and generally how we live in the 3D because for so long it’s worked. Or did it?

With tenuous footing, fear can arise as we feel our way now. We cannot fall back on what worked before. It doesn’t work in these times. What works is being completely present and in the moment and relax into it.

And let’s remember neither 3D or 5D is “better” – each serves our soul journey in its own way. So we’ve made our choices of where to continue and it’s crucial not to judge each other’s choices. Leading by example, rather than forcing conversion through shame, guilt, and fear, is ever more essential now.

This is the age of light, which means all will be revealed and nothing can stay hidden. And if you don’t agree with something or someone? Agree to disagree and focus on bringing your heaven to earth. Focus on your dreams and the vision you have for yourself. As Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche teaches, suffering is when we try to change someone else.


If you are feeling whacky, getting out in nature, focusing on your breath, magnetizing with your heart, integrating the cranial-heart-gut brains, and consciously choosing can bring you back into alignment.

Ideas for Tapping into the Points of Balance

  1. Decide how you want to engage with life, where you will direct your energy.
  2. Begin each day with intentions and from a sacred quiet space.
  3. Feel what you feel. Follow it. Observe it. See where it leads you. No blaming. Every emotion has a message.
  4. Make better consumer choices by understanding the impact of what you buy, delving into why you buy, and learning how to choose better for the wellbeing of yourself, your community, the environment, and the world at large. Do you know how we have so much milk on the market? Who grows your almonds? What environmental impact does this have?
  5. Bring more creativity, play, and movement into your daily life.  Feel the freedom in your bones.
  6. Do nothing more. Explore what the health benefits of “being bored.” Of sitting in silence. Of walking with no goal in mind.
  7. Shift to the “reduce” part of “reuse, reduce, recycle”. Minimalism is about having around only what sparks joy. It doesn’t have to be minimalistic in design and only white.
  8. Give and share generously. No strings attached, politics, calculations, or judgment. No +/- columns.
  9. Share generously more of how you want to see in the world. What we give attention – and so energy – grows.
  10. Stop complaining. It doesn’t solve anything. It reactivates the triggers and wounds. This is the negative energy you are sending to other people, and the world. If you have a problem, seek a professional if it’s too difficult to resolve on your own.
  11. Reduce the electrical in your environment. Use orgonites, crystals, energy medicine, intention, prayer to energize and harmonize a space. Turn off your routers at night or as much as possible.
  12. Turn off the mainstream news. Look for what’s happening that are constructive and inspiring in the world. Go out into your own community.
  13. Turn off your digital devices. Engage in face-to-face conversation. And listen. Fully.
  14. Send your friends and family a handwritten note and postcards.
  15. Help others – we’re in this together. When one of us needs to rest or fall apart, others can hold space and be the support for that person to rise.
  16. Be generous – and not post about it. (Check your motivations)
  17. Detox your vocabulary. Words like “but” stop flow.
  18. Declutter your space – keep what sparks joy. Thanks Marie Kondo.
  19. Drink more fluids. Be aware when you are fueling with caffeine and sugar.
  20. Sleep earlier. Sleep deeply.
  21. Believe in positive intent.
  22. Review your definitions of success and failure.
  23. Book a session with an amazing practitioner to deep dive into your projections.
  24. Check your congruence. Why are some people still triggering you? Can we move up an octave of our beliefs?
  25. Read the story of your life. Happy with it?
  26. Have a year-long/13-month project. Learn something you are fascinated with, something you really don’t understand. Re-wire your brain for new thought pathways.
  27. Drop the labels.
  28. Address your pain – physical, emotional, mental. Pain can distort our expression of our true self.
  29. Finish unfinished business. Forgive. Let go of regret, guilt, shame. Every family has its own dark secrets. When we heal ourselves, we heal the lineage in all directions of time-space. Imagine if we all did that?
  30. Process your grief.
  31. Boundary behaviour, not people. I think this was a Caroline Myss nugget.
  32. Reclaim your inner authority.
  33. Give yourself permission to be happy, fulfilled, and exactly who you are.
  34. Give yourself a big hug everyday. Have self-care practices, schedule them in if you must.
  35. Take good care of yourself and by extension, those around you and those far beyond you.
  36. Smile. And laugh.