Do This For Deep Regeneration of Body, Mind and Spirit

Jin Shin Jyutsu is a wonderful way to rejuvenate body mind spirit. This art of healing offers many ways to harmonize and for regeneration. As Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioners, we have special relationships with each of them. This happens with working on ourselves with the flows and the Safety Energy Locks that are used to release blockages. For me, it is the Umbilicus Function Energy Flow.

It was this flow I practiced on my dog while studying Jin Shin Jyutsu that convinced me to continue on to become a practitioner. Mary Burmeister, the teacher who brought Jin Shin Jyutsu from Japan to the US (and subsequently around the world) said we are our best testimony. I was already pretty convinced…what I saw in my dog was amazing. I saw her whole body visibly “sigh” and sink deeper into her being. That memory, from so long ago, remains vivid and affirming.

My dog is a rescue, and we tried Tellington Touch and flower essences. Both definitely worked and she is given flower essences still now, as needed. (Rescue Remedy and Five Flowers are always on hand plus I give her customized combos of Australian Bush Flowers from my own “pantry.”)

My dog was prematurely removed from her mother and we believe she was abused. Touch and boundaries were a challenge. To see this change from just one flow one time was inspiring. (I am very lucky my dog has been so willing a guinea pig and so patient as a teacher.)

Sixth Depth

In Jin Shin Jyutsu we work with the concept of nine depths and directly with six depths through 26 Safety Energy Locks and the various flows. The depths are the expression of the degree of the energy’s density. Energy spirals down from the unmanifest to the manifest, creating physical matter.

…a depth is a movement of geometric energy patterns within a frequency. The understanding of how the depths come into being at their different levels is an exploration of the formless Universal Source energy. As the frequency of the Universal Source Energy comes into time and space, the elements transform into denser energy, patterns which eventually manifest into form and structure.

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Sixth Depth is the all-embracing energy source, pure consciousness, and the matrix that holds the information through vibration our personality, our personal light. The element associated with Sixth Depth is primordial fire – the I AM and the will to be. With this depth is unified all depths, seasons, and elements. Harmonizing the Sixth Depth and the related organ functions can boost the regeneration of body mind spirit.

Umbilicus Function Energy + Diaphragm Function Energy

These two organ flows arise from Sixth Depth. Both of these function energies nourish all organs and vitalize the other ten organ flows. Each organ flow has its own map through the body. The Kidney Function Energy becomes Diaphragm Function Energy at 8pm which then becomes Umbilicus Function Energy at 10pm.

Harmonizing these two function energies is a good way for overall regeneration.

Diaphragm Function Energy

This flow is associated with the colour Blue and the astrological sign of Sagittarius. It is masculine and father energy. This flow helps with harmonizing the whole being, connect with the pulse of life, deepens trust, regulates blood flow, helps with hot flashes and above-waist congestion, and supports people who work the night shift.

Diaphragm rules the night and this flow can help with sleep disorders. Stress in life can cause someone to sleep too much, not wanting to be in the body and to sleep too little, not able to connect with source.

Other projects Diaphragm Function Energy can help with include cholesterol, late life eye projects, and excessive thirst.

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Diaphram Function Energy Self Help

Hold your palms together, like in prayer or the prayer pose. Or you can hold your last rib on the left side with your right hand and place your left hand over your elbow crease and then reverse. Another one is place your hands on the opposite elbow crease. Think, the arms in Russian dance.

In the darkness of the night (main time of Umbilicus Flow is from 10 p.m. to midnight), while we sleep, we connect to the spheres, where only our soul can reach. It is like an invisible umbilical cord, our connection to the 7th Depth Light. This brings deep regeneration to Body, Mind and Spirit and nourishes all the other organ flows.

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Umbilicus Function Energy

This flow is associated with the colour blue-violet, the astrological sign Capricorn, nurturing, and Mother Love. Disharmony here can show up as discomfort in the cheek, back of ear, shoulder, upper arm, rheumatism, ear ringing and throat numbing or swelling. This flow helps also with pregnancy, fertility, middle ear infections, the spine, jaw projects, burnout, and relationships. This is a good flow during pregnancy and to prepare the body for childbirth.

The Diaphragm Function Energy cools the body and Umbilicus Function Energy warms it. The Diaphragm Function Energy helps extroverted people and Umbilicus Function Energy with the introverted.

Umbilicus Function Energy Self Help

Holding your palms together, like in prayer or the prayer pose. You can also place your right hand above the left eyebrow and the left hand on the right elbow crease.

In the fast-paced modern world, it is easy to get caught up with the go-go-go energy. Without pauses for regeneration and rest, we can get depleted and burned out. Recovering from a burn out can be a long road so it makes sense to build our self-awareness and have effective and simple ways to rejuvenate. Jin Shin Jyutsu with its plethora of self-help is a fantastic modality that is accessible to everyone.