Divine Essence Meditation CDs Giveaway

The Divine Essence Meditation is a series of 12 meditations by Divine Aspect’s Reena Kumarasingham to gently help enhance positive emotional, mental, and spiritual states.

Reena is generously offering 5 sets of her meditations, with each set containing four CDs to celebrate the release of her book, Shrouded Truth : Biblical Revelations Through Past Life Journeys.

How to Enter

Read What Therapy’s interview with Reena and answer these two questions –
1. What is the name of the series Shrouded Truth part of?
2. What is one thing past life regression can help with?

Email Hello@WhatTherapy.com with your answers to enter.

5 winners will be randomly drawn on April 11 2018 and will be notified. The CDs can be picked up from East Coast (a central location in Singapore is also possible).

About the Divine Essence Meditations

Exploring Love

In this gentle three-hour meditation, explore the most powerful energetic force in the world – love. Reconnect with both Spirit and your own person. Take that step to heal the emotional wounds of your heart. Open and refresh your hearts and infuse radiance and spontaneity and beauty into your existence. Release emotional blockage, relaxing tension and connecting directly to your spiritual being, bringing peace and inner harmony and satiating unconditional love into your life.

· Healing Hurt of Heart

· Peace, Love and Joy

· Unconditional Love


Discovering Your Power Through Oneness

We are all Divine Beings, perfect in the way that we are. We are capable of more than we give ourselves credit for. Somewhere along the line, we forget how truly special we are. The transformational power of the reconnection to our magnificence is one of the most potent reminders of our own power, our own strengths and our own perfection and can be used as an everlasting well of strength and positive reinforcement to tap into during times of challenging learning experiences. This is made even more effective because this process gently encourages the individuals experience your own powerful source within you through these meditations.

· Enhancing Confidence

· Joyous Abandon

· Magnificence



We are all Creators of our reality. We make things happen. Abundance is all around us, just ripe for the picking – we just have to believe. This three hour workshop combines aromatherapy, meditation and coaching techniques to take you to a magical place to appreciate what you have got and to be in gratitude for what you have. Cut ties from the past that blocks personal growth, and to enhance the smooth free flow of chi or prana within, to enhance manifestations and forward progression. Once in that place, more abundance will be attracted to you, more prosperity is available to be plucked.

· Peace and Relaxation

· Abundance

· Creation

Embracing Change with Grace

It is time to embrace the new and move onto the next phase of your life. Fortify your resolve to move forward and restore your taste and vigour for life. Light the fire of courage to embrace the new changes in your life. Change is hardly ever easy, so gain courage through protection, enhance your own energetic strength and walk through the process of change and rebirth with this three hour meditation.

· Enhancing Energy

· Protection

· Rebirth