December 2021 Full Moon & The Galactic Centre

2021’s last full moon is on December 18/19 and it is full on!

Full Moon in Gemini on December 18, 2021 at 11:36PM EST at 29°27′ Gemini, with the Sun at 29°27′ Sagittarius. Chandra symbol : A cloud in the shape of a rabbit.

Picturing the flux of life with extraordinary acuity. Witnessing with rapt fascination how everything moves, changes, and stays the same. Always watching, always just about beside yourself with the clarity of it, the pure suchness of this world. Immense difficulty in communicating and sharing this God’s eye view. Words will not contain it. You must find a physical language and an imaginative landscape that can be telepathically transmitted. You have inside, the greatest gifts to share and spread. And the challenge becomes to find ways to get it across that evolution is really happening, and multidimensional reality is already here now to bring us all alive, even when the outer mind is still drawing blanks on what the fuss is about.

Elias Lonsdale, Inside Degrees

Gemini light is jam-packed with informative photons that awaken dormant parts of our imagination, gifting us with surprising ideas which lead us to many far-off places. The Chandra which was referenced earlier also hints at intuitive abilities we could always improve on. Who knows, maybe this Full Moon illuminates a path for you, one which has something to do with clouds, rabbit holes, and, of course, heaven. A quote to carry into the 19th from Plato: “Those who tell the stories rule society.” I say, “We need a new story.” As a Gemini, I’m bored to tears.

Adam Sommer

Do you have personal planets between 23 and 30 degrees of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces, the mutable signs? Or between 0 and 1 degree of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn, the cardinal signs? Or between 26 and 27 degrees of Sagittarius?

I do, and one reason I’m looking more deeply at this upcoming full moon.

The Galactic Centre

While the Moon is at 29°27′ Gemini, the Sun is directly opposite during this full moon, at 29°27′ Sagittarius, which is very close to the Galactic Centre which is currently at around 27° Sagittarius. The centre shifts forward about 1 degree about 72 years.

The Galactic Centre is the centre of the Milky Way, from which we on Earth receive infrared and gamma particles. It’s believed that this part of the galaxy transmits Divine Consciousness and these energetic particles activate and open up the subconscious mind.

Do you have any planets near the Galactic Centre, at between 25° to 29° Sagittarius? This Full Moon may be especially important for you, especially following a Sagittarius Solar Eclipse. We may see with greater illumination what is unfolding. Perhaps you will receive downloads and activations.

Check below to see what house these planets are located to understand the theme for you and an area of untapped creative potential and the area for transformation. Some astrologers believe that this placement in a natal chart is of primary importance, second to the Sun’s and for example, Philip Sedgewick, the Galactic Centre is about removing what holds us back or “psychic defragging.” Regardless this is where the magic is, for everyone.

First HouseEmbodies pioneering, New Paradigm, and Ascension energy
Second HouseHolds ideas of an alternate economy and an reorientation of values
Third HouseCommunicates quantum ideas and cutting edge technologies
Fourth HouseBridges past and future with a new way of Being
Fifth HouseSupports new children, children of the new paradigm to be heard
Sixth HouseHeals in a new wholistic and earth-based ways
Seventh HouseBuilds relationships with trust and unity
Eighth HouseTransforms what is old and sees death as a multi-dimensional passage to the new
Ninth HouseReceives Divine consciousness with clarity
Tenth HouseEmbodies Sacred Father Energy to support self and others to stand in own authority
Eleventh HouseNaturally connects communities in a greater vision of humanity
Twelfth HouseHelps others connect with Divine Self, beyond the ego