December 12 | 12.12 Reflections

12.12 2020 is a day for reflections, continuing our recalibrations for equality and equanimity. We do this by sitting in our void, at our still-point, a frequency beyond polarity and drama. It’s time for us to really understand that we do not have to be pulled to the left or the right. We do not have to explain or defend our position. That war we have been waging against the world, and against aspects of ourselves? It’s time to lay down our arms. Belonging is so different than what we have imagined.

The Call to Choose

Life is about choices. We’ve been taught (scared into thinking) that choices have consequences. Yes, maturity and integrity means we are accountable for the decisions we make. The thing is we can always choose again. We lay in the bed we make; we don’t need to die in it! Believing otherwise is based on a mentality that is mired in fear and lack, which is not what Nature is. What we are here to learn is to discern what is right and correct for us. When we all respond to life, trusting life, flow happens. Energy moves, consciousness shifts, creativity manifests.

The next time the news comes on or a person virtue signals, take a pause. Anytime someone attempts to pull you their way, take a deep breath, and observe how you feel.

Are you triggered? Are you feeling angry, sad, terrified? Maybe just exhausted. All of these are powerful and valid frequencies. They are however not sustainable and take incredible energy to maintain. We are exhausted because of the constant bombardment of information, new info, conflicting info, fear-inducing info, confusing info…frequencies that take us out of our body, our own authority, and most certainly our sovereignty. We are exhausted because we are holding on, holding back…Check in with yourself to see where that is happening.

Take A Pause

Take a pause and understand that there is an agenda, whether people realize it or not, when they pull you to their side. To the left or the right, whatever form. Many people are well-intentioned, hoping to share so that we will be safe or the world can be saved. What egregore are we all feeding? The likelihood is the stronger and more forceful their/our languaging and energy, the more fear they/we are experiencing.

Choose how and with whom to engage. Step back and see how it is true for ourselves.

Remember – dividing people is an easy way to conquer and control them. Dividing people is also a way for people to recognize friend and foe, as a survivalist strategy. Who’s pro and who’s anti? The thing is – no one can be so neatly categorized and we are constantly morphing, emerging, evolving. By putting people into boxes or on different sides of the line, we all lose. This name-calling, hate-mongering, and other defensive responses and divisive strategies take us away from living the abundant life available to everyone.

We are all here for the evolution of consciousness. That looks and feels like what it does, to each of us, and always changing and mutating. We do not have to label it; we are participating in it by virtue of being in existence.

The technique of pausing involves nothing more than noticing life’s natural pauses and then simply enjoying them. Everything in nature pauses. The technique of pausing leads us to a wonderful paradox – the more we slow down, the more life appears to expand.

Richard Rudd, The Art of Contemplation

The Path of 12.12

Within the numbers, we can see the reflections. 12.12 and 20.20. Is it a crossroads? We can go down this or that path of 12/3, the number of joy, trinity, creativity? Or this or that path of 20/2 or 22/4? 2 is the number of relationships, 4 the number of the material world. 22 a master number, a high vibration of the 4.

What path do you choose? What is your perspective of the world? This will affect the paths you see before you, and the frequencies available to you, by virtue of a person’s own filtering system. With just a minor adjustment, different frequencies open up.

We’ve already experienced waves of mass awakening this year. For many people, 2020 while intense has been a year of grace, miracles, and unseen possibilities. Take a pause now, what are you grateful for this year?

It may not look like it on the material world; however, don’t allow that to dismay or dissuade you. We may not know how exactly we steer away from a dystopia; only that each moment we choose love, the merging of masculine and feminine, and the heart-mind, we are walking that path. We’ve got this. We are made for these times. Shine your light, and let your heart guide you.

cover photo: Cassandra Ortiz