Days before the New Moon

The New Moon ushers in a new cycle, a new beginning. What about the days before?

About 72 hours before the New Moon, we are in the Balsamic phase of the lunar cycle. This is what we call the Dark Moon. It’s like winter before spring, darkness before dawn, the pause before the next breath. A restful time. This energy is not entirely comfortable for many people. Stillness, inward movement, and sitting in the void can call up deep fears. What can surface at this time, while perfect for our growth, can trigger our defense mechanism, grasping for control, holding our breath.

Our physical energy is necessarily as low as our psychic energy is high. We’re at a threshold, ending one cycle while anticipating a new one round the corner. We might want to get into motion, but our bodies are tired. Our clarity and focus wane, like the Balsamic Moon herself, rising thinner and fainter each morning until she eventually disappears altogether, lost in the Sun’s glare. This is the Dark Moon.

Dana Gerhardt, The Balsamic Moon

The Balsamic phase is the perfect time to let go. To be clear, before we move into a new cycle. Be clear about what energies we are taking into the new and what we are leaving behind in the old.

Balsamic phase is associated with the planet Neptune. Magic. Receptivity. Inspiration. Imagination. Intuition. Dreams. Mercy. Compassion. Also the piercing through of illusions. Tap into these positive frequencies of this time of the lunar cycle.

..fearing Balsamic means shunning the medicine that can make us well. This Moon phase brings a profound initiation into cyclic intelligence, like the menstrual huts or Moon lodges of long ago, when women would bleed on the dark of the Moon and withdraw from the tribe’s daily business. In the womb of the lodge they surrendered to visions, renewing their powers, returning to their tribe inspired, with a renewed capacity to inspire others.

Dana Gerhardt, The Balsamic Moon

Ideas for the Balsamic Moon

  • sit in the park, beach, forest park. Forest bath, meditate, release, raise your frequencies
  • focus on work of decrease
  • rest
  • enjoy a slower pace
  • tap into Crone wisdom
  • detox, eat less, drink more water
  • finish up projects
  • weed, mow the lawn, trim the plants
  • declutter
  • focus on what’s restorative
  • Release, rest, and retreat (Astrologer Kelly Surtees)

The dark moon is a time for dealing with attackers, for exploring our darkest recesses and understanding our angers and passions. Also bringing justice to bear. Very potent for prophecy work.

Bri, The Hoodwitch