Connecting Threads in Life

It is Mercury Retrograde – perfect time for contemplation. So often how that comes through and what threads we are connecting in life can be surprising. I’m in the process of moving, and with all the boxing up and lifting, I booked myself a massage. While timelining my day, I kept hearing 3pm and so I booked it for that time. I ended up having a fantastic session with a new therapist. Here, I’m sharing some of the ideas and wisdom from eastern philosophy she shared with me. What came up led me to connecting threads in my life, from what she was evidencing to wisdoms I have grounded or in the process of unfolding.

Wet Hair

Before my appointment, I took a quick shower, cleaning up after some intense unpacking. I didn’t wash my hair, though the ends were damp. My therapist was dismayed and I’m familiar with this idea of wet hair and headaches in Chinese medicine. Having lived in tropical Singapore for so long, I still have the habit of not always drying my hair fully. Isn’t that what toques are for?

For those familiar with Chinese medicine or have done a confinement, you’ll already know of this connection. My mother feels that this is the cause of her migraines. What’s good to know is that you can use recovery from delivery as a time to boost your constitution and health with proper diet, rest, and care. This is why many women in eastern cultures follow a very specific regimen, including not leaving the house or washing their hair, for the month after giving birth.

I also wonder, from an astrological point of view, whether this advice is beneficial to those with strong Aries in their natal chart. Aries rules the head and people with Sun in Aries or Aries Ascendant may be more susceptible to head-related health concerns, such as migraines. If you have strong Aries, perhaps experiment with this info and see how it plays out in your life. Everything is theory until practical and in play for you.

Soft & Supple

Think of the willow tree. It bends with the wind and so rarely does it snap. Willows also have a wide extensive root system. This is a timely reminder that “no man is an island” and we are social beings who thrive on connection. That is our support network, part of our root system. While we must navigate through chaos following what is correct for us, isolating ourselves because of fear is not a sustainable nor healthy approach to life.

Another reminder is “my will” and “thine will” and knowing that there is truth far greater than what’s obvious on this physical plane. Being flexible means we are already rooted in higher truths and know when our ego yields. Surrendering to who we are, beyond the constructs we have built.

These were some of the thoughts that surfaced as the therapist worked on smoothing out my muscles, releasing blockages and waking up the chi. In areas of stagnation, she lightened her touch and tapped the area inviting the chi to move and deepening her strokes as the muscles softened.

When muscles are tight, we are more prone to injuries. She advised soaking my feet and lower legs before my very active and hiking trip to the redwoods this week.

As my therapist Mary worked on my muscles and meridians, I was holding my Safety Energy Lock 2 on both sides, helping me to inhale to receive this gift. The alignment specialist, SEL 2 also helps to energize and release stress from the hips, legs, and back, regenerate, and bridge the physical and non-physical. Holding this SEL, located at the top of the hip bones, rejuvenates us when we are depleted from overexerting ourselves physically and mentally. So that we may receive the energy of life.

Water, Wood, then Fire

Like myself, Mary studies the Five Element Theory to better understand her work, and life in general. I’m not sure how this topic came up. I was in that suspended state you enter into when receiving a massage, that delicious free floating beingness.

She said as a matter of factly that life begins with water. She then asked if I knew that the heart is not the first organ to be formed, at least not according to Chinese medicine. Life begins with water, with the genetic code passed down in relation to this element. Next is wood which is liver. Then comes the fire element, and the heart. A healthy, resilient, and strong heart comes from balanced emotions at conception, she said. My mind drifted to Tantra, how the sacred union of body, mind, and soul creates a beautiful space to invite in a third soul onto the earth plane.

Reena Kumarasingham shares about this idea in the section “Feminine Sexuality” in her new book The Magdalene Lineage (stay tuned for “review” and interview). More than merely physical intimacy, it is the “same honouring to connect mentally, to connect energetically, to connect spiritually. All the time … truly honoring the gift of the invitation of space that the partners are bestowing on one another. A Being can only be conceived in high energy when the sacred act of creation is conducted in high energy – of true respect and honouring.”¹

How We are Designed

Mary remarked about some bruises I had on my leg. I wasn’t surprised. I bruise easily and I do have a way of walking into things. Interestingly, bumping into experiences and people, trying things on, figuring it out by trial and error, is how I investigate life. This is reflected in my Human Design profile. We each have our own designs – conscious and unconscious, mind and body. Our uniqueness and purpose.

There are six lines – Investigator, Hermit, Martyr, Opportunist, Heretic, and Role Model. The lines of our Design and Personality Suns make up our profile. We are one of 12 profiles – 1/3, 1/4, 2/4, 2/5, 3/5, 3/6, 4/6, 4/1, 5/1, 5/2, 6/2 and 6/3. 1/3 is the Investigator/Martyr and 2/4 is the Hermit/Opportunist.

This is fascinating, especially when you discover what your design is and then yes, most of us then want to figure out what all our friends, family, and close relations are! It’s so much more than that though. It’s coming to understand to respect our life force and that of all those around us, by responding when correct.

Recently, Human Design came back into my life. I first found out about it circa 2012. (Ah, a pivotal year!) I’m enjoying tremendously enjoying the journey, prompted by enlightening and heart-felt conversations with a fellow Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner and a Human Design guide. It sure makes a difference walking this path with someone who’s been at this deconditioning process for a while. I highly recommend having a reading and coaching with Wade.

I had looked at booking my massage appointment the day before. It didn’t happen. I didn’t feel the flow. I didn’t feel the energy for it. Isn’t it interesting that we so often forget that trusting life is so rewarding? Trusting life to bring the people and experiences we require and desire, rather than chasing down life, grasping, hoping, controlling… So with Mary’s eagerness to share and my equal curiosity to receive, what I opened up for was a wonderful encounter and experience. With Mercury in retrograde, contemplation and review, connecting threads in life, are powerful ways to get deeper with ourselves. Greater understanding and acceptance, while releasing patterns and conditioning. So that we may step more fully into who we are, to show up more fully as we are.

1 The Magdalene Lineage by Reena Kumarasingham.

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