Chinese Face Reading Marker – Are you a Human Angel?

A “Human Angel” is someone with an open heart chakra, brimming with compassion, and always extends a helping hand. In Chinese face reading, the “Human Angel” marking is a line at the end of the nose. A cartilage split.

Are you a “Human Angel”?

Lillian Pearl Bridges of Lotus Institute talks about this marking on the 2nd Chinese Medicine Summit. She says that people with the “Human Angel” marking are often born into families with lots of challenges and problems and do not often have an easy life path. They may struggle with what’s going on around them and since young, they have always wanted to help.

“Human Angels” often sacrifice themselves for others, placing other people’s needs above their own. They can also become co-dependent. Because of this, self-care is lacking which can lead to its own health problems.

Lilian, who teaches Chinese face reading, herself has this marking. She shares that self-nourishing has helped her be a better healer. She confesses that sticking to the good boundaries she has with clients is much more challenging in her personal life.

Her advice to “Human Angels” is to understand that we can do too much for other people. It is not always for the best to take away people’s pain and their lessons, even if this were possible. Her other tips for people with this Chinese face reading marker? Enjoying beauty and luxury, not necessarily in the materialistic sense, can prevent burnout. Take time to luxuriate in a bath infused with essential oils and flower petals.

This “Human Angel” marking can also be indicative of a blood deficiency and actively building up blood is essential for good health. While red meat may be the easiest way to build blood, many “Human Angels” are vegetarians. Instead try goji berries, sea vegetables, seeds and nuts, quinoa, and blue green algae. Skip cold foods such as iced drinks and damp foods such as dairy, soy milk, and refined carbs.

Blood from TCM Perspective

The physiology of Blood differs from what we may be used to in the West. In TCM, the Spleen’s function is often described as a pot, cooking the food with digestive fire. Food is received and ripened by the stomach and then transformed by the spleen into nutritive Qi (food essence). From there, it is sent up to the Lungs where it is combined with air. Here, the Lungs and Heart transform nutritive Qi and air into Blood, which is then circulated throughout the body. It is then stored in the Liver and sent out when it is needed for activity.

source : Six Degrees Health

Ways to support the Spleen

Learn a robust resiliency and stress reduction technique. Worry and stress burden the spleen which makes it work harder and depletes it. Slow down, chew, and enjoy your food. Fully immerse in the pleasures of eating.

Feeling stressed? Take some deep exhales, hold your thumb (Jin Shin Jyutsu tip), and activate your favourite stress reduction method before eating. Perhaps a relaxing walk.

Try this Jin Shin Jyutsu Self Help to harmonize the Spleen.

  • Step 1 Place the left hand on the base of your spine (coccyx) and the right hand on the inside of the right ankle (below the ankle bone, in the dip)
  • Step 2 Move the right hand to the bottom of the left rib cage (left hand remains on the coccyx)
  • Step 3 Move the left hand and place it on the breast area right of the midline (right hand remains on the ribs)
  • Step 4 Move the left hand and place it on the left collar bone (right hand remains on the ribs)

CT Holman describes it as a person giving their “blood” to someone close to them and since blood houses emotions, a person with this marking may suffer from emotional instability because they are not accessing fully their blood.1

Baeth Davis, a Hand Analyst, reminds us that “special markings” are a call to use these gifts which are also lessons. Not doing so can make the person feel the burden, rather than the joy of gifts, talents, and strengths of these markings in face reading.

The lessons also remain unlearned, which continue to perpetuate difficult patterns in someone’s life. The presence of markings helps to bring focus on perhaps the most pertinent lessons of this particular life.

With or without the “Human Angel”, stars on the hands, or any number of spiritual markings, we can all tap into higher potentials of humanity. We can all awaken to the bigger picture of who we are. Here are just a handful of ideas.

Be a Human Angel

  • Perform acts of kindness.
  • Say a blessing for everyone, kin or foe.
  • Reach for possibility. Leap in faith.
  • Hold space for those in need.
  • Offer concrete help.
  • Allow others to trek through their life lessons.
  • Ask for the highest good for all.
  • Ground fully in your body to anchor high vibrations. Heaven on Earth.
  • Know when to step back.
  • Feel Compassion, not pity, for others.
  • Respect the choices each has made.

No matter the system, whether it is Chinese face reading or another, we look for different markings on a person’a face, hands, and body for clues to the lessons, gifts, and missions a person has decided to experience in this life time. It is still their choice to do so or not.

Do these markings make a person special? This would be a faulty way of looking at it. We each have our own strengths and lessons. The most important thing is for all of us to make choices that allow our greatest potential to unfold. Whether we have this Chinese face reading marking, we are all emanations of Spirit and can be a human angel, if we so choose.




1Treating Emotional Trauma with Chinese Medicine by CT Holman. p66.