Chakra & Aura Clearing

We clean our physical spaces, wiping up after dinner, recycling our bottles and boxes, clearing away clutter, paperwork, and messes. Sometimes we do this when it becomes unbearable or perhaps we have guests coming over.  Or maybe we do this as our New Year or Springtime ritual.

What if we make it a regular practice, with a part of the day, devoted to deconstructing what we have created and no longer require?

What about our aura and our chakras?

We pick up energetic debris as well.

Everything is energy and our energetic fields connect in with each other’s, the earth grid, etc.  Our thoughts and emotions take form, that can muddy the field and our connections with ourselves and others. Unlike stacks of books, piles of dishes, or clouds of dog hair, energetic dirt and grime cannot usually be seen with our physical eye.

How do we know how squeaky clean our aura is? Or if our chakras are functioning well?

These are subtle energies that we can all sense. We can look at how we are feeling, how are energy is (or is not) flowing smoothly. What is our vocabulary? How clear do we feel? We can also check in regularly and make chakra clearing a daily practice.

Your aura depends on what you vibrate…what you talk, create, think. That is what we call a protection shield or circumvent force.

Chakra Clearing

Chakra Clearing can be done as a relaxing meditation, either in a comfortable seated position or lying down. If you are tired or tend to drift off, sitting may be a better idea. If you do end up napping, that’s good too. It’s just what your body requires!

There are many ways to clear your chakras, including following pre-recorded meditations or creating your own practice. Try a variety of ways and see what resonates with you. For example you can ask Mother Earth to take and transmute any stagnant energy or anything that you no longer require. You can also ask the Divine to provide any necessary energy. Your intention is paramount.

Working with the Chakras

Starting with the root chakra, visualize all the energetic baggage leaving you and returning to the earth for recycling. You can see each chakra radiant in its colours.

The traditional colours for the chakras, starting with the root chakra, are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. Some people though see the orange and yellow in reversed positions. You can also see a luminescent white cord anchoring you beneath into the earth’s core and above you to the galactic centre.

Perhaps when you see the chakras in your mind’s eye, you can see if the chakra is spinning (tightly, widely, etc), if there are spots, if it feels sluggish … trust yourself. Some people may prefer working with a pendulum to assess. Cyndi Dale, in her book Llewellyn’s Little Book of Chakras, offers a variety of exercises to work with the chakras.

flower bath aura and chakra clearing

Aura Clearing

A bath is a beautiful way to clear your aura (aka your electromagnetic field). You can also follow your chakra clearing meditation with a soak. You can add apple cider vinegar, Epsom salt, or sea salt. If you love essential oils, consider lavender and frankincense oils.

A Malay medicine man says there is no better way to get our aura really nice and clean than taking a bath with five different flowers.

Another to consider is Aura Soma  which is so high vibrational and beautiful, with the energy of herbs, crystals, and colour! Many people like using the White Pomander before, during, and after visiting places of low vibrations, such as hospitals. You can add it to a spray bottle or place a few drops on your palms to sweep through your aura.

The aura is the magnetic field we generate and according to the Aquarian Teacher Training Manual (April 1989), “the quality of the aura reveals the personality in the project of power or the depression of defeat.”

We can use these and other methods to clear our aura and we can look at how we keep our vibrations low or high. This we can do with meditation.

clean aura

We are energetic beings. By how we live our life, we can move our energy, which dances throughout our system and connects us to the greater environment. This free flow helps sustain high vibrations, along with purity of thought, gratitude, love, and compassion.

When our chakras are functioning beautifully and our auras are strong, we are not as easily influenced by negative forces. Kundalini Running founder Doug Wilson reminds us of a forgotten truth – the presence of someone with a strong aura brings peace and calm.