Flower Essences Therapy: Feeling Safe, Trusting Life

Flower Essences Therapy offers gentle ways to bring resolution and transformation into our lives. The blend Feeling Safe, for example, is a powerful combination of gem, crystal, and flower essences that can help us to recognize and transform old patterns of fear and trauma that relate to our physical safety. Now you might well be asking “why would I want to do this?

Many people go through life with a quiet, nagging fear that there is “something dreadful just around the corner”.

This can make it very difficult to trust in the flow of life or to embrace change. More often than not, this constant feeling of insecurity stems from a past trauma that relates to physical safety.

The Fear of Releasing Fear

When we suffer a trauma, our natural reaction is to want to forget and instead focus on ways to keep ourselves safe in the future. However, the way the universe works is that unresolved traumas unconsciously direct our lives and affect our ability to live life to the full until they are brought into the light of awareness.

You might well imagine that it would be reasonably easy to identify the fearful or traumatic events that have created this patterning in the first place; however this is often not the case for several reasons.

Learning to Filter “Truths”

Many of our unconscious patterns are acquired during childhood (some patterns may even be genetic!). Young children absorb information, feelings, and beliefs straight into their unconscious mind without the filter that we develop in later life as we grow into adults. Once we have collected the imprint in this way, it is very easy for even the seemingly ordinary events of life to reinforce our inherited fears and establish them as “truths” that we carry forward unconsciously into later life and of course pass on in our turn.

Connecting With Your Inner Sense of Safety

If you are strongly affected by this pattern you may find yourself easily triggered by such events as the recent earthquake in Haiti or the ever-present images of war on TV these days. When we resist resolving our past traumas surrounding physical safety, we find it more difficult to tell the difference between the natural sensitivity that we all have to the suffering of others in such situations and the uncomfortable echoes of past fears trying to get our attention. Until we have released the old fears that still vibrate in our energy field it is all too easy for us to find ourselves resonating with the collective emotional body of humanity which still contains much fear in its data bank.

I encourage you to reflect on your early childhood feelings, general family patterns and what triggers feelings of “unsafeness” in your life now. The Feeling Safe combination can help you to gently release and transform any old energies of fear and trauma that come into your awareness as a result, leaving you feeling stronger and more connected with your true self.


Article written by Tamara Sigerhall