⋯ Aquarius, the Water-Bearer January 22 – February 19 ⋯

Aquarius is the 11th sign in the zodiac and embodies the energy of innovation and tradition of their ruling planets, Uranus and Saturn. They are the visionaries and symbolizes friendship. Making the world better, through collaboration, is what they are built for.

This with Sun in Aquarius may be misinterpreted as aloof, when they are merely off traveling in the mental realm re-imagining the world and a utopia. Not usually emotional or even affectionate, (remember Aquarius lies opposite to Leo), they are friendly and a faithful and devoted friend. Their love is more universally distributed. They are quiet, idealistic, and independent, and they revere freedom, which is why they like things universal and impersonal. The downside is that they only open up to those in their innermost circle, sometimes only one person and this intense focus can undo many relationships. They can also be moody and impatient.

The mad scientist and humanitarian of the horoscope wheel, futuristic Aquarius energy helps us innovate, unite for social justice and follow our utopian ideals.
– Astro Style

Symbol : The Water Bearer
Element : Air
Ruling Planet : Uranus — planet of originality and Saturn
Body Part : Ankles
Keywords : progressive thinkers, humanitarian, independent, quirky, eccentric, abhor dishonesty and deception, logical, intellectual, unconventional, open-minded, community-oriented
Suggested Flower Essences : Red Chestnut1
Suggested Jin Shin Jyutsu : Gall Bladder flow or hold the ring finger

The Gall Bladder is the receiver of Light in the body
To do the gall bladder flow:
⋯ Place your left hand on the middle of your neck, on the left side
⋯ Place your right hand on the area above your right eyebrow
⋯ Move your right hand to the tailbone
⋯ Move your right hand under the ankle bone on the outside of your right foot
⋯ Move your right hand to the last rib on the right side of the body
⋯ Move your right hand to the same place on the left side of the body
⋯ move your right hand on the left collarbone

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Aquarius is a fixed sign, along with Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio, and they can be stubborn and dogmatic about their beliefs. Another way to understand the nature of fixed signs is as stabilizers who, in the middle of each season, craft the ideas initiated by cardinal signs. The fixed signs get things done.

While they may seem immune to fatigue and has tremendous energy, watching out for an overly demanding schedule is good for their health. They also enjoy – and require – solitude to function.

Aquarians have much the same intensely magnetic characters as Scorpians…where Scorpio revels the darkly shifting depths of water, Aquarius has the ethereal, electric qualities of air.
– Fate and Fortune 2

Whether you have your Sun or planets in Aquarius, it is good to understand the energy of this sign which is present during transits, for example. You can also use the zodiac as a medicine wheel to draw on any qualities that are most appropriate for a situation at hand.

Famous Aquarius Folks
Gertrude Stein, Charles Dickens, Galileo Galilei, Thomas Edison, Virginia Woolf, Franklin D Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, Ellen DeGeneres, Ayn Rand, Christian Dior, Ronald Reagan, Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey, Bob Marley, Harry Styles, Jennifer Aniston

1 Flower Essence for Aquarius by Leni on Leni’s Astrology
2 Brian Innes, Francis King and Neil Powell, Fate and Fortune. Macdonald & Co, 1989., p42.

For more info on Red Chestnut – Bach Centre

cover photo by Hannah Busing