After Performing Over 10,000 Crystal Healings, Here’s What I Know 

Does crystal healing work, you ask?

The truth is : there is no truth outside of your own truth.

I have performed over 10,000 stone and crystal healing treatments in a clinical setting, with people from every walk of life. For over a decade, I have performed these treatments, watching people respond to them. Day in and day out. Few people have observed a 10,000+ person clinical case study and there is no teaching as powerful as direct experience. So through pure and direct experience, I share my perspective with you.

Does crystal healing work? It depends on who you ask. It’s like asking if John Doe is a great guy. Or if the Fish and Chips at O’Brien’s Pub is the best. It depends on who you ask. Nothing is objective. Everything exists in relationship. Our relationship to anything, whether it is crystal healing or another modality, is what creates our experience of it. “Everything exists in relationship” is a central idea in Taoist philosophy.

Taoism and Stone Medicine

My own beliefs are rooted in Chinese Medicine and the Taoist philosophies that birthed this centuries-old healing approach. Through my teacher Jeffrey Yuen, I receive the Jade Purity Lineage, with teachings that carry a consciousness that have had its way with me. My own medicine has awakened from within because of it.

The Taoists have been healing with crystals and minerals for thousands of years. Some visionaries include priestess Lady Wei (252-334), Father of Stone Medicine, Ge Hong (283-343), and Sun Si Miao (581-682), a prolific writer and healer who gave us many formularies.

Taoism is not a religion; it’s a way of life. It’s a way of Being.

The Taoists believed something you might also believe. They believed that the Earth is alive. They did not see her as an inanimate object. The Earth, to them,  is a living being, with awareness.

Before I go further, simply pause and examine your own beliefs about our Earth. What do you feel about her? Because, your beliefs and perceptions are creating your reality. They are creating your relationships, your body, your well-being, the results of your treatments – all of it. So, simply check in with what feels true for you. Trust yourself. You resonate with your beliefs for a reason.

Back to the Earth. I agree with the Taoists, because I watch the birds come alive every Spring. I watch the tides come and go with a natural rhythm that reminds me of my own body’s rhythms. I watch the trees grow.

The crystals also grow. They grow quite like trees, branching out, reaching towards the light. They just grow slower. Crystals even continue to grow after they have broken off from cave walls. How do they do that? There is some life-force that animates them even when they are not connected directly to the Earth. This astonishes me. It also makes me back up and notice the miracle that everything is growing!

The Taoists believed every part of the Earth was alive. Every. Part..

So, they took the time to study all natural substances. Every plant, every type of seaweed, pearl, mineral, animal part (like snakeskin and many more) and experimented with how the living Earth affected humans. They catalogued all of this for centuries.

Chinese hospitals still administer many minerals, herbs, and animal constituents. They feel like, if it’s here, it must be here for a reason.

Minerals like hematite are used to augment hemoglobin levels. Minerals like fluorite are used to warm the uterus.  I can still order a jar of fluorite or pyrite, and many other minerals from Chinese herbal companies. Aside from internal applications, stones like obsidian and tourmaline were the first acupuncture needles.

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Understanding Minerals

All of us have used minerals as medicine. If we have taken a TUMs, drank some Pepto-Bismol, or enjoyed an electrolyte drink, we have used minerals to shift us. Our bodies run on minerals. Magnesium regulates over 300 chemical reactions in the human body! Minerals like peridot are full of magnesium.

Using scientific method, we know about the physics and chemistry. The direct connections between minerals and healing are there too.

We can believe in herbal medicine and TUMs more easily because we are ingesting the actual constituents of the substances. We understand that they create chemical processes in the body.

What if we’re not ingesting the constituents? What if we simply place a mineral or a crystal on the body? For some people, their belief in crystal healing shatters here. It was easier to believe it when we were ingesting it. And yes, for the physical body – the chemistry and physics of us – that’s true! Our bodies DO respond well to ingestion.

What about our partner’s frustration? Do we have to ingest it to be affected by it? No. We are affected even from afar.

Looking at our Beliefs

Our spirits take us beyond the material, beyond A + B = C, and beyond Newtonian Science. Our spirits are a collection of our deep beliefs. These beliefs are conscious and unconscious. They are creating our daily lives. You are driving the type of car that you do based on your beliefs. Everything in your life is a reflection of your unique beliefs. These all come together to form your spirit.

When we take our spirits into account, we see that our beliefs are creating our experiences. And you see, it’s the same for crystal healing.

Our beliefs have an effect on the results. Why do some cancer treatments heal some and not others? Because we all have unique spirits. We are more than chemistry and physics.

And, you know what I just described? The placebo effect.

Our beliefs – what medicines we believe in, whether or not we trust our care-giver, if it worked for our friend – all of these things affect our results.

Yes, the placebo effect is present in ALL interventions. Because we are not simply chemistry and physics.

We see countless advertisements for pharmaceutical drugs. All of these ads penetrate our attention. This has an effect on our beliefs. This is why people spend millions of dollars on advertising. Maybe the placebo effect is even more present in your relationship with Advil than it is with alternative therapies, which the placebo effect argument gets pinned on the most.

When I was in acupuncture school, my professor did something brilliant and bold. We were a small school in Maryland, right next to John Hopkins University. Our clinical acupuncture patients were going in and telling the John Hopkins doctors how much they were getting from acupuncture.

So, their ears perked. They wanted to see what we were about and they invited us into their playing field – the double-blind clinical studies playing field. They asked our clinicians to participate in a study on the effects of acupuncture in treating asthma.

Now, eight out of ten acupuncture professors would have accepted this offer. They would have been lured by the desire to prove acupuncture. They would have wanted to lend credibility to our field.

My professor, Bob Duggan, he was a brilliant man. He truly understood Taoism. He declined the offer because he realized the study would not be measuring the patients’ quality of community or belonging, their happiness in their relationship, the number of traumas in their life, or the amount of support they had. Or any of the countless other factors of being human and having a spirit. All of these things affect healing outcomes. Because, we are not just physics and chemistry. We are Whole spirits with bodies.

Understanding that IS understanding true Chinese medicine. It’s a holistic approach to healing. We cannot measure ourselves by material or quantitative results.

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Now, back to the crystals.

Here’s what I have observed after all of this direct work. If one comes into the treatment open to the possibilities, the crystals can perform miracles. If a person is at the very least curious, that’s enough. The crystals work. It’s all about the person and their conscious and unconscious beliefs. Because, we are co-creating our world, with every other living there here. And that’s the truth of it.

So, choose what you resonate with. Trust what you resonate with. Empower yourself to choose modalities that make you happy. That’s what “works.”

How Do Crystals Work?

So now you probably want to know how crystals work.

One way is via electromagnetic energy directed into the energy centres in our body. The other way is through scalar energy.

Electromagnetic Energy

We are electrical beings. Our brains fire electrical impulses – that’s how our bodies function. That’s also exactly how our hearts are pumping.

Crystals also have electromagnetic fields as well as produce electrical charges. When they are placed over energy centres, whether they are acupuncture points or centres described through other modalities, the fields engage and the electrical impulses change flow, redistribute, or redirect. Depending on the energy centre and the specific crystal, a whole art form of healing emerges.

Scalar Energy

This energy is responsible for the often magical or indescribable effects of crystals.

Crystals have a high amount of monatomic elements in them. These are elements that exist in a single-atom state. Monatomic elements actually super-conduct (conduction with no resistance whatsoever) scalar energy. This basically means they attract a ton of it.

What is scalar energy? Scalar energy is a completely different form of energy that has been wise enough to elude Newtonian physics. It’s an energy that travels faster than the speed of light and carries consciousness with it. That spirit part of you. It also can move freely between this dimension and others.

This is something to really pause at. Humanity has called it qi, prana, life-force, paramagnetism, and many other names. It’s truly an unnameable energy.

Concepts cannot pin it down, because it is the life that pulses through every living thing in every moment.

Crystals super-conduct this consciousness energy.

What’s Next?

Now, you have to experience it.  It cannot be further conceptualized. Invite it into your experience. Bring openness and curiosity, and you will experience it.

Some people are ready to embrace the perspective that their own inner world is co-creating their healing results. They are ready for this kind of empowerment. Some people believe that they have a spirit, too. Crystals are the Earth medicine that takes us beyond the material and into the immaterial. Let’s go.

Sarah Thomas Upper Clarity

Sarah Thomas is actually a crystal. Like most crystals, she embodies a fluid gender identity and is actually more of a they. Sarah has performed over 10,000 acupuncture/stone hybrid treatments in her Asheville clinic and has been immersed in receiving and teaching the living transmissions of the Taoist Jade Purity Lineage of stone and mineral medicine with students all over the U.S. for over a decade.

As she practiced with stones on the body, a deep remembrance occurred of the meridians of the Earth and the conscious grids between land forms, ancient sites, and beyond to higher dimensions. Her current work is to resurrect the ancient temple arts of Creation using stones, light, sound, and more to employ the network of Earth and Celestial energy lines, retrieve and update incoming vibrational information, merge the Ascended Gaia timeline to Now, and anchor love and unity consciousness solidly here on Earth. Sarah can be found at Their secret name is Starwolf. (shhh).