A New Voice Rising

The Sun has gone into hiding
The winds are now riding
The house creaks
All good
Something new being born
A new voice is rising
- Laurie

This morning I was messaging my friend in upstate NY. She spoke of the darkness of what’s truly going on at the moment. While she wants to unplug from it all, she recognizes that this piece – this darkness – is something she must face. To be able to embrace it with love. This is how the light wins. We don’t turn away from what is uncomfortable, terrifying, or unknown. We witness it, understanding it is not the whole truth. And we meet it with love.

So she will Ho’oponopono it, cleaning data and taking responsibility for her part in its creation and perpetuation. For we are all one. Dark and light are playing out in this game, as consciousness is birthed through us.

For a perspective of what’s going on, these books may be of interest. Steve Rhodes’ The Prophecy of Ra Uru Hu, Sol Luckman’s Potentiate Your DNA, and Brendan Murphy’s The Grand Illusion: A Synthesis of Science and Spirituality.

As we clear the data and release programming, past memories dissolve. I was sharing with my friend that after a Theta session, I forget what the story was, why I had wanted the session in the first place. I have let go of the victim narrative. This is the opposite of how we keep manifesting the same reality by telling the same story over and over again. Also, this suffering-consciousness storytelling continues to condition those around us and re-ignites trauma in others. What we are doing is directing and using our life force in an unconscious way, furthering the suffering consciousness and victim roles of humanity.

A New Voice for These Strange Times

We are indeed living in strange times. Governments have not mobilized in such a way, probably since the last world war. What we are faced with is a virus and fear. Fear is “false evidence appearing real.” Spreading fear, through misinformation and disinformation, divides humanity like no other force. We’ve heard stories about neighbours reporting on each other about not social distancing. Or the racist behaviour against Chinese people because of the reported origin of the virus. Then there is that craze of hoarding toilet paper.

We have also seen the light of humanity. People playing music on their balconies in Italy, in the streets with their instruments (at least 6 feet apart), or offering online concerts. #quarantunes. More businesses have creatively switched their models to online offerings. So many free or affordable meditations, healing sessions, and health products are now available as we all come together to support each other. We can be cynical that these businesses are taking advantage of the situation to sell more. Or we can see it as the world changing the economic model. And finding new normals each day.

It’s very difficult to discern what’s real externally. The development of the solar plexus leads us to look within to navigate truth with inner frequency of awareness. Like a tuning fork.

Wade Pajares, Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner and Human Design and Baantu Guide

We are invited to let go of the mind stuff – because the mind doesn’t have the correct answer. To see where we are being conditioned, and pressured into actions and directions that are not aligned with who we truly are. So Ho’oponopono, meditate, do Theta work, inner child healing, Human Design, Jin Shin Jyutsu Self-Help – whatever you are called to, to release the programming, the energetic stagnation, attitudes, and know, as Laurie penned, a new voice is rising. Our voice. One voice.