“A Glimpse of Grace” – Jupiter Transit in Pisces

The Jupiter in Pisces transit in 2022 is one of the big themes and highlights this year.

In the January 8, 2022 episode of The Higherside Chat, Greg Carlwood interviews author and astrologer Ras Ben about the outlook for 2022. By the way, we are members of The Higherside Chat and happy to listen to the full two hours of all the episodes. The first hour is free so if you want to dip your toes, enjoy. Or try the $8 USD/month membership for free for seven days.

Listen to the Ras Ben interview/episode, in which he talks about the 2022 Jupiter transits and how we get a “glimpse of grace” this year. He focuses particularly on the Jupiter and Neptune sojourn in Pisces until May 2022. The words he used include – personal atonement, bloodline redemption, full circle karma, divine and angelic intervention, revelations, prophecies revealed, dreams manifesting, spiritual awakening, and disillusion dissipating. These are big, big themes.

Pisces is the X factor, the unknown, the uncalculable impact. This is what will be active and highlighted in 2022.

Ras Ben

As he reminds us, Pisces as the 12th sign, the final sign of the zodiac, is about the superconscious, ultimate destiny and fate, coming full circle, and where we seal up. When the ruler of Pisces is in the home sign, we see both personal and collective seal-ups. Until May this year, we have both rulers of Pisces “in the house”! He foresees events on a grander scale, with karmic dynamics on the personal, national, and ethnic group levels. All levels. “Mystical, prophetic events.”

Ras Ben calls 2022 a “glimpse of grace” since Jupiter is in Pisces only for the first five months of the year. The grace may be receiving blessings for past sacrifices and loving sharing by your ancestors and family. Perhaps it’s atonement. This time is for balancing the scales for bloodlines, and you may receive more grace to do so in these months.

Here are his suggestions for inviting grace into your life:

  • be jovial, the energy and theme of Jupiter
  • wear purple, the frequency of this planet, so that you can resonate with it
  • eat and drink purple foods such blueberries and butterfly pea tea so that you can internalize it
  • evoke magnetic emotions such as generosity, gratitude, excitement, and love
  • enjoy meditation at sunrise, when the mind is quiet

Here’s the Winter Solstice gathering that you can find more details, and it is the event Greg of The Higherside Chat refers to in his chat with Ras Ben.

Key Dates from Ras Ben’s winter solstice gathering:

(check out the time mark around 1:35:18 for the 2022 astro info)

December 28 2021 Jupiter enters Pisces

February 17 2022 Jupiter sextile Uranus (11° Pisces)

March 5 2022 Jupiter conjuncts Sun (14° Pisces)

March 21 2022 Jupiter conjuncts Mercury (18° Pisces)

“Portal of portals” – Dream big!!!! – from April 3 to 21 2022

April 12 2022 Jupiter conjuncts Neptune (23° Pisces)

April 30 2022 Jupiter conjuncts Venus (27° Pisces)

May 3 2022 Jupiter sextiles Pluto (28° Pisces)

May 10 2022 Jupiter enters Aries

June 4 2022 Jupiter retrogrades

October 28 2022 Jupiter Rx enters Pisces

November 4 2022 Jupiter stations direct

December 20 2022 Jupiter enters Aries

Jupiter and Neptune will be conjunct next in Aries in 2035, and again in 2048. Past conjunctions include 1971 (0° Sagittarius), 1984 (0° Capricorn), 1997 (27° Capricorn), 2009 (24° Aquarius). What were the themes in your life at these times?

The next Jupiter Neptune Conjunction is in Aries – 2035 (21 Aries) and 2048 (21 Taurus).

We will also have Saturn in Aquarius in 2022, in which it goes retrograde. More big themes to watch for.

2022, Ras Ben shares, is a pivotal year. Jupiter has six activations in this first part of the year. We also have Neptune in Pisces, this planet of the infinite. We have the potential to connect with what’s outside. Will our radio antenna be tuned? Can we see through the shadow of Capricorn? Can we discern our delusions from our well-grounded visions? If we do not see divine intervention this year, 2023 may prove to be even more challenging. We’ve got a lot of support and tools and we’re primed to level up in this mystery thing we call life.