BioGeometry : Ancient Science to Correct Harmful Radiation

This article is about a demo of BioGeometry held at the a private residence to show one way of working with this scientific approach to harmonizing energy in the body and in a space.

If you walk into my apartment, you may notice bits of colours here and there. Taped to the walls are seemingly randomly placed post-its, as if I were testing different colours for a room makeover. Green, blue, magenta, pink, yellow. Quite colourful.

But I am not painting the rooms. These spots of colour serve an interesting and powerful purpose. They are correcting a room’s energetic balance.

The previous day I was invited to the talk Introduction to BioGeometry at Gallery Helios. This was presented by Dr James Wong, a Hong-Kong-based BioGeometry Instructor and Practitioner. Originally an acoustician and electro-mechanical engineer, he became very interested in BioGeometry or “Physics of Quality”. This “Science of Shape” was created by Dr Ibrahim Karim, an Egyptian architect, scientist, researcher, author, and teacher who is based in both Cairo, Egypt and Montreal, Canada.

BioGeometry, the design language of shapes, is the proprietary science of using the  energy principles of BioGeometry to amplify an energy quality manifest in nature that is found in the centre of all energy patterns of shape. It is the science of detecting “Centering” or balancing energy quality of BG3, studying its harmonizing effect in nature, and reproducing it using a system of BioGeometry Harmonics to create a design language of shape that achieves harmony in the inner and outer environment.

Dr Ibrahim Karim, Back to a Future for Mankind


Using a technique called Radiesthesia, BioGeometry practitioners can detect harmonizing and non-harmonizing energy. Through the use of various tools and techniques, they can transform a non-beneficial energy to a beneficial one. While it looks like dowsing, Radiesthesia does not involve mental questions. It is not a psychic exercise, nor does it involve the subconscious. It is the “science of using the vibrational fields of the human body to access information about other objects of animate or inanimate nature by establishing resonance with their energy fields, using specially calibrated instruments and a sale of qualitative measurement to decode this information.”

I realized that the pendulum used in Radiesthesia work is not just a weight on a string, but a precise measuring tool related to a musical string. If we fix a string at one point and add a weight at the other end, it will behave and resonate exactly like a musical string according to the law of Harmonics.

Dr Ibrahim Karim


The energy BioGeometry practitioners work with is BG3. This “One Harmonizing Subtle Energy Quality” has three subtle energy components – Horizontal Negative Green, the “Higher Harmonic of Ultraviolet”, and the “Higher Harmonic of Gold.” BG3 is the harmonizing energy quality that is found at sacred sites around the world and power spots in nature. These “Gold” locations are found both on earth and in the sky.

In nature Negative Green, which lies opposite to green, and between black and white on the colour scale of Radiestheisa, is found with both its vertical (electric) and horizontal (magnetic) components. We respond to Horizontal Negative Green positively on a cellular level. The presence of Vertical Negative Green on its own can be indicative of an energetic disturbance that may lead to illness. To discharge non-beneficial energies, Dr Karim suggests stretching our hands up above our head, walking in the sun, taking a shower or swimming and bathing in saltwater. Spritzing yourself with saltwater also helps.

The Introduction to BioGeometry talk was full of interesting information and theory. One rather intriguing and amazing project Dr Wong shared took place in Hemberg, Switzerland in 2004. The residents of this town became ill after the installation of a mobile communication antenna in the church at the town’s centre. Complaints included depression, constant headaches, poor sleep, back pain, and the disappearance of wild life.

Dr Karim believed this was due to a combination of harmful effects from various sources, including the electromagnetic fields generated by the antenna as well as natural earth radiation and electrical sources. The antenna may just have been “the straw that broke the camel’s back.”

Using BioGeometry, the afflictions of those affected were harmonized as was the ecology of the town. This story was covered by the Swiss German media and Dr Karim was then commissioned to do the same in Hirschberg.

But to see it in action? We asked Dr Wong for a demo at my apartment, which proved to be quite amazing. In my bedroom, he found several energy lines that were disruptive. These could be caused by the shapes and geometry of the buildings that surround my apartment. This means that it would have a similar effect on all apartments in my block, perhaps mitigated or worsened by the shapes in the room itself. BioGeometry is, after all, the physics of shapes.

Of course, Dr Wong did not just identify the existence of these non-harmonious lines and went off for lunch. (Lunch was later.) He placed a BioGeometry tool at the point where the energetic lines met the wall. Re-testing showed that the energetically negative lines were not only neutralized but were now harmonious! Phew!

There are many different energetic lines, including the Curry Lines and the Hartmann Grid Lines. The Curry Lines run NE to SW and NW to SE in a grid of lines about 10 feet apart. The Hartmann Grid Lines run N-S and E-W, about 7 feet apart. The intersection of lines can create potential health issues. These grids are everywhere on the planet, and change with topography.

This knowledge is old and farmers and builders have always looked to nature for clues, such as a crooked tree. A tree that curves out and resumes its shape shows a potential negative energetic line. There are also natural geopathic stress seekers (e.g. ants) and avoiders (e.g. sunflowers). Visit the Biogeometry website for more information

It is helpful to be aware of geopathic stress as a potential factor when assessing chronic illness but not focus on where they are, wherever you go. That constant fear, anxiety, and vigilance is hardly good for our health!

For example, knowing that you are sleeping at the intersection of these lines allows it to be corrected. However, we want to entrain with the positive, not the negative. We want to see how we can expand beneficial energies, such as BG3.

By being internally harmonized and creating energetic harmony in our home spaces we will more naturally resonate and gravitate to high vibrational people and spaces.

What About Those coloured stickers on my wall?

There are many ways to create BG3. Colour. Sound. Shape. Motion. Using these elements, we can “pull” BG3 from the centre out to the entire space, such as a living room. This is what is called Colour Balancing in BioGeometry.

Again, using Radiestheisa, BioGeometry student Tony Wong carefully placed the coloured post-it’s around the living and dining rooms. He took his time – it’s not a quick process – and by the end, he had various colours taped to the walls.

It is important to dowse the entire perimeter of the space to find the best spot as there is often more than one good place. The final colour placement is fine-tuned with more dowsing. The best placement is when BG3 can be detected in all parts of the room.

Because every room is different and every colour is different, colour balancing is uniquely done for every space. A blue is not placed in say the southwest of every space. The vibrational value of each shade of blue also differs, even if not obvious to the naked eye. So not all blue post-its or stickers are the same.

Those who were present at the demo immediately felt a shift in the energy in the room. Apparently this method can help with mosquitoes!

What is BioGeometry?

BioGeometry is next-level stuff. They say energy medicine is the future and BioGeometry is certainly that. There are many ways we can benefit, including Colouring Balancing. You can also harmonize the home with by using tools on the fuse box and water pipes. You can harmonize your organs on an energetic level using the BioSignatures. You can trace them in 3D space or on paper. You can colour the BioGeometry mandalas. Or wear them as jewelry.

You can access BioGeometry on many different levels. Someone may be interested in balancing their environment, transforming the harmful effects of the electrosmog that we live in or just creating a more harmonious living and working environment. Someone else may be interested in using BioGeometry tools for their gardens or farms to enhance the quality and quantity of their bounty. Graphic designers, architects, and artists can use it to create BG3 in their work. BioGeometry can be used to gain a deeper understanding of sacred sites and the pyramids and and ancient monuments.

I would suggest starting with Dr Karim’s book Back To a Future for Mankind and listening to his talks available on youtube. If you would like to proceed, perhaps attend the Foundation level of the training held worldwide.

The possibilities are endless, and BioGeometry is what we would call a #GameChanger.

Quotes are taken from Back to A Future for Mankind: BioGeometry® Solutions to the Global Environmental Crisis and New Energy Secrets of Ancient Egypt and the Great Pyramid Revealed by Dr Ibrahim Karim.




Prof. Ir. Dr. James Wong is a Chartered Engineer and acoustics scientist. Educated and worked in Hong Kong and United Kingdom, Dr. Wong is one of the nation’s experts in acoustic research. He studied Acoustics at the Heriot-Watt University in Scotland. He has extensively applied the principles of acoustics, electronics and nanotechnologies to solving complex problems for the military, government and private sectors. He has a number of design patents in building components, heat exchangers, and acoustics products licensed to manufacturers. He worked in Hong Kong Government Environmental Protection Department’s Policy Group and Management Group.

In 1994, Dr. Wong established Allied Environmental Consultants Limited (AEC) and, in 1997, the environmental Allied Group (BVI), working on advanced applications of sustainable concepts in the agriculture, housing, manufacturing, energy and transportation sectors. Dr. Wong has also invested and participated in music and performing arts productions. Today, AEC has completed over 1,200 Environmental Impacts Assessments and engineering design projects and received numerous Environmental Design Awards.