5 Tips for Healthy Urban Living

What Therapy put together the top five tips for healthy urban living. As one of the most expensive cities in the world, living in Singapore can also be very stressful. This is true for any urban centres so these five tips are just as applicable for someone living in London, Vancouver, or Beijing.

Urban living in Asia and increasingly in North America means more highrise living. While moving vertically may make sense in terms of available space, there are effects we can be mindful of. Humans evolved over time on the ground, living with the cycles and rhythms of the planet. We are tied closely to the magnetic fields and the earth’s own radiation. Living far off the ground means being disconnected from the negative ions and other health-boosting energies.

Thankfully Singapore’s urban planning has kept this city-state green and air quality decent. Many visitors to the city-state are pleasantly surprised by how much green, even if it’s nicely manicured, that is available throughout the landscape, from the big trees along the famous Orchard Road to the various nature reserves. Having trees and greenery, whether right in the city centre, your neighbourhood or easily accessible from your home is a significant health booster and stress relief.

Sound-, light-, and EMF-pollution are still factors to watch out for both in Singapore and urban centres in general. Singapore seems to measure surprisingly high for ground radiation, according to Nixon of EMF-Safety. Check out these tips to boost your well-being, whether you are a local or an expat living in Singapore or elsewhere.

Tips for Healthy Urban Living


Living in Singapore means most of us are living, eating, playing, and working high above ground floor. The science is in – earthing or grounding is good for you! Walk barefoot on grass, sand, and concrete to soak up the goodness like neutralizing free radicals. Get earthing mats to sleep on to maximize your rejuvenation and repair time. Barefoot Therapy!

For details at www.earthing.com

More Sun

Hot. Sunny. Humid. Or torrential rain. That’s Singapore. Many people would be surprised at their low levels of Vitamin D, given the high levels of sunlight. The thing is – people use sunblock and umbrellas for shielding from the tropical intensity. Vitamin D is needed by every cell! Get more sun, safely. Supplement, if needed.

Get more sun on your body. Build up from just a few minutes if getting sun is new to you or if you have sensitive skin. The idea is to get sun on the skin and not get burned.

If you must use sunblock, opt for safer sunblock options. Most commercial products are laden with toxic chemicals and there is no need for SPF over 30.

In Environmental Working Group’s 2018 Sunscreen report, over 200 sunscreens were rated as having a low health concern. This list includes 48 baby and children’s sunscreen such as Badger Kids Sunscreen Cream Tangerine & Vanilla, SPF 30, Tom’s of Maine Baby Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30, and California Baby Calendula Sunscreen SPF 30+.

EMF Safe

Singapore may not be on the Top 10 Most Connected Cities in the world but we sure like our mobile phones and gadgets. Read: wifi 24/7. That’s a whole lot of EMF. Looking for a good EMF shield? The attractive wooden balls by Geo-Safe-E® from Germany work on both natural + man-made radiation or the home set by BioGeometry.

Easy tips to start with – go analogue, unplug devices and appliances when not in use, get wired instead of wireless (keyboards, mouse, phone, modem), opt for incandescent or LED (second choice) bulbs over CFLs, be on airplane mode as much as possible, and minimize metal on your body or in the environment as it is a conductor of EMF. Distance matters so be sure not to carry a mobile phone on or close to your body, especially at night when you are sleeping and rejuvenating.

Try these 6 Tips on Minimizing your EMF Exposure.

Clean H2o

NEWater anyone? NEWater is Singapore’s “high-grade reclaimed water”. Used mostly in industry, NEWater comes out of our taps too.

Get Living Water with Cell-Gen technology which neutralizes radiation, removes chlorine, and mineralizes water. This system has been installed at several locations of TWG in Singapore. With its Activated Hydrogen, Cell-Gen water is anti-aging and works on the acidity/alkalinity balance.

Other options include the Berkey which offers fluoride filters. Their standard filters are able to remove chlorine, bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, VOCs such as pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals. The Berkey is a gravity system that does not require electricity and is portable. A range of sizes is available to meet the needs of different number of people in the household.

The best filter for you depends on the quality of your water and your budget. Having any type of filter is a good start. Clean water makes a big difference to our health.


Singapore’s humidity is HIGH. Who’s happy? Mold!

Having a dehumidifier is a must in Singapore to keep the levels low.

Boost your diet with garlic, Vitamins C, D + E, probiotics. See what biohacker Dave Aspery has to say about mold, its effects + what to do

Try bioresonance to test and treat for mould. Essential oils like clove are fantastic.

Bonus tip: The spleen is working hard in this constant heat + humidity. Try the Spleen Flow from Jin Shin Jyutsu.

Urban centres with its sound, light, air, emf-pollution places additional demands on health. Here we shared five tips for healthy urban living that are foundational. Many expats find new health challenges and many find they feel better when they take these factors into account.