5-5 Ganbanyoku Hot Stone Therapy Giveaway

Hot Stone Therapy or Ganbanyoku (岩盤浴) dates back centuries. Legend has it that Japanese villagers saw snow monkeys resting on heated volcanic stones to heal their injuries and relax. The villagers began to adopt these healing practices and noticed the benefits of the treatment. Ganbanyoku has since evolved and become recognized as a beneficial and natural healing method widely used in Japan. Currently, there are more than 1,000 Ganbanyoku facilities throughout Japan.

The naturally occurring healing effects of ganbanyoku are activated through the process of heating the rock beds. These effects come from the natural Far Infrared Rays (FIR) and negative ions emitted by these special stones specially imported from Japan. When the stones are heated, they emit a greater amount of FIR which heats the body from deep within to perspire, relax, and loosen tight muscles and joints.

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Enjoy this rejuvenating and detoxifying therapy at Ganbanyoku Singapore. Enter to win one of five packages of 5 sessions.

Ganbanyoku benefits

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*Information from Ganbanyoku. While hot stone therapy differs from sauna, please do check with your physician before use especially if you have medical concerns or are undergoing treatment.**