2019 A Year of Creativity and Joy, According to Numerology

According to Numerology, 2019 is a universal “3” year. The number “3” symbolizes creativity,  joy, abundance, and positive energy.

The Story of 1, 2 & 3

The story of numbers is a fun one. We start with one. One is both unity and the individual. We come into the world individualized from the cosmic sea of oneness. Individualism – making our own magic happen – is our first positive attribute.

We gravitate to find another, being the social creatures we are. We find another, as a reflection of self, in communications, projects, relationships, and partnerships. With 2, we see the duality inherent in the world and also seeing more than our side of the story. Sometimes having a partner – in its many forms – helps us move through the world feeling safe and loved. Of course true belong is birthed in self-belonging and perhaps through initiations by exile, as Toko-pa Turner shares in her book Belonging.

Out of this union, we birth “3” – maybe it’s a child, maybe it’s a collaboration, an artistic expression. “3” is the trinity and an expression of the joy of life. It’s a time to enjoy the fruits of previous relationships and cooperation.

Numerology of 2019 – Universal Year “3”

According to Numerology, each year has its own energetic flavour and vibration. We calculate the current Universal Year by adding together the digits of the year. For 2019, the Universal Year is 2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 12 = 3.

“3” is about expression of joy and happiness. Whatever we planted through our relationships in the previous year is coming to fruit. Did we relate well with others? Did we show up fully? Were our partnerships, friendships, and other relationships energized? Or were we belligerent, going into it with our EGO blazing?

The energy of a “3” year is light, fun, active, expansive, calling from the imaginary realms. It’s showing up fully, unapologetically, electrifying the world with our unique energetic signature. The age of shining light continues and there is no hiding – not behind labels, past events, or in the shadow of who you think are more enigmatic, more charismatic, more successful, more spiritual, more [fill in the blank]. What isn’t for the highest good will continue to unravel.

The positive of a “3” year is healthy expression and the challenge or lesson is not to suppress or repress. Relating to the solar plexus, a “3” year is about letting all our inner suns radiate warmth, enthusiasm, and joie de vivre. This means expressing all our emotions – not just the pretty ones. With this heightened emotional tapwire we may feel overwhelmed. Having a practice of sitting with how you feel, channeling it through journaling for example, and doing integration work is important to move through this year with greater ease.

Remember – words are powerful.  The intelligence of “3” often comes through writing – time to tap into your inner poet?

Universal and Personal Year

The Universal Year is based on and reflects the consciousness of all the people in the world. Being the energetic landscape, how we navigate through each year is affected by our own vibrations and also the patterns. Each number has positive attributes and challenges/lessons. How a year – or any moment – plays out depends on our self-awareness, choices, and expressions. You can also look back to other Universal “3” years – 2010, 2001,  1992 …

What has a greater influence is our own Personal Year. This is calculated by adding together your birthdate, birth month, and the current year. If you were born on May 10 then your personal year is 5 + 10 + 2019 = 5 + 1 + 3 = 9. This is the last of the 9-Year cycle. What’s the Story of 9?

A 9-phase cycle can also be applied to shorter or longer durations such as hours and months. The Personal Year offers insight on how to work with the energies of specific periods, gaining a new perspective. A 9-year is for completions and endings. It’s time to release the old – the winter before the spring.

3 in Other Places

  • The Empress is the third Major Arcana card in the Tarot. She calls our attention to beauty, creative expression, sensuality, and the feminine energy. She is at ease and self-confident. We are also reminded that we are surrounded by bounty, abundance, and pleasure. Let us acknowledge and live from the vibration of gratitude. Meditate with the Empress card, so rich in symbolism!
  • The Hanged Man is the 12th card in the Major Arcana, also resonating with the “3” vibration. Sometimes we feel we are hanging upside down and all tied up. Are we really stuck? Mostly it’s because of our own beliefs and our unwillingness to let go of control and surrender. Surrendering is not the same as giving up.
  • The World is the 21st card, symbolizing unity, the union of our inner and outer worlds. Everything is connected and in hearing this universal pulse we can participate in life fully. The World is also about fulfilment, completion, community, and harmony.
  • 3 is Trinity – mind, body, spirit; maiden, mother, wise woman; father, son, and holy spirit
  • In Jin Shin Jyutsu, Safety Energy Lock is the trinity, the “Door”, and the birthplace of all creation.
  • 3 in sayings – Three Wise Men, Three Little Pigs, the best of 3, 3-ring circus, easy as one-two-three, the Three Musketeers, three sheets to the wind, three cheers, good things come in threes (and many more)
2019 a year of joy creativity numerology

2019’s energetic landscape is the vibration of joy, creativity, and expression. According to numerology that is the energy of the “3” vibration. Each number has a vibration, with positive attributes and challenges/lessons.

How we show up depends on us. It sounds obvious; you’d be surprised all the insidious and subtle ways we project and blame others for something not turning out “right”! You can look at your Personal Year to see what the gifts and challenges of this time period is in your life.

Being okay with where we are is key to flow. This doesn’t mean being resigned or feeling defeated, choice-less, and unempowered. Far from it. It takes strength to feel vulnerable and to stand up taller. Being ourselves unapologetically – self-belonging – is a daily practice. Recognizing our needs exactly as they are, with graceful acceptance and deep understanding allows us to show up more fully and embrace who we are, others, and life itself.